Win the Ultimate Dental Health Makeover and a handful of sponsors are offering you the dental makeover of a lifetime, appropriately dubbed “The Ultimate Dental Health Makeover”. This contest, the website’s 3rd in recent years, is really unique. Unlike most corporate-sponsored contests, there is no designated prize. They leave that part up to you – with some conditions, of course. The conditions are that you have to use the prize money (up to $35,000) on dental-related procedures. This means crowns, implants, veneers, orthodontics, periodontics, etc. Whatever you need done, they and the contest sponsors will provide – up to $35,000.

How to enter
Entering to win “The Ultimate Dental Health Makeover” is easy. Simply fill out the form on the contest page with your information and wallah – you’ve entered. You have plenty of time to sign up(the contest runs through December 1, 2008), but it only takes a minutes, so you may want to get it over with now.

Enter the contest on the Contest Page.

Reader Comments

  1. christina demars August 20th

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    i am a single mom of three and trying my best to make it one day at a time. wanted to thank you for the opportunity to win.

  2. Angela Warren October 19th

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    Hello! I am 41. I can not tell you what it would mean to me to have this makeover! I would love to be able to take a picture with my daughters and my grandchildren and accually smile without hiding my mouth! To be with my family without feeling embarraced about my teeth. Besides looking better, I would love not to be in pain for once. Thank you so much!

  3. Suzanne Alva October 30th

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    i am a widow that is dental poor due to several oral surgeries on one tooth that was pulled out. Crowns taken out due to decay and temp falls out. I need three bridges I am a diabetic with blood sugar spikes over 566. Worry if I will wake up in morning and not go into diabetic coma. Have two teeth gone due to bad root canals. Front teeth cracked. Hole in old bridge, and pain radiating to neck. Need help!

  4. marie a. solorzano November 14th

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    I would appreciate this oppertunity so greatly. I would be able to take pictures. I would get and have a life at the age of 39. I would get and have a life.

  5. Leszek Olbrychowski March 5th

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    My name is Leszek Olbrychowski.I live in UK since 2004.Would like to apologise for any mistake in my writing.
    I’m 30 years old and since I was 12 I always had problems with my teeth ,I was at least 2 times in month seen dentist.
    So Now my teeth looks very ugly .Believe Me I have so many complex and bad days because of that ,
    I just hate my smile,
    I don’t want to go out with my friends ,very depressed. I work as forklift driver and I can safe so much money to pay for my new teeth which could really change my life. I don’t smile very often at work and people I work with think I’m some kind of strange person
    I’m not happy because of that. Please help Me to change my life.

  6. gemma March 29th

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    I would love a dental makeover,at a young age i was never took to the dentists,i have long to have a great smile but at the moment that’s just a dream.I am unemployed after losing my job and seeking work now.And would love to have a great smile for my interviews not missing teeth smile like now.Help

  7. Brittney June 16th

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    I’m a 21 year old single mother, and I’ve had poor dental hygene since I was a child because my parents could never afford much. Now that I have a newborn baby I also can’t afford to do anything about my teeth. They are rotting and chipping away, and have brown/yellow stains. It hurts that I can’t even smile at my own child because of embarassment.. I would love some help with this, if possible.

  8. patti b August 18th

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    please help me and my smile signed patti b trabuco canyon calif

  9. Kerri Tomizek February 28th

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    I’m a 33 years old that has a hard time eating and have tooth pain all the time and have many teeth missing & broken. It would mean the world too me to be able to smile and eat with out pain. Winning this would change my life!

  10. kathy jackson August 20th

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    i need extreme help my teeth has fallen out in the front and i am soupset i want to smile and when i look at my self i look degusted to see myself like that pleaes help me smile again.

  11. Julia August 23rd

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    I’ve registered with the hopes to win so that my sister can have dental work done. She is handicap and her insurance does not cover dental, we pay for her cleanings but she needs extractions and rootcanels. And the dentist has even suggested dentures. 🙁 I dont want my sister to be sad or in pain anymore so I hope this is the answer to our prayers.

  12. Sue February 27th

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    Winning this contest would mean the world to me. I just turned 48 and plan to be married soon. My front teeth are decaying and falling out due to an abusive former relationship and being able to smile in my wedding photos would make my wedding perfect. My fiance tells me that he doesn’t care if they fall out, that he loves me the way I am, but it would mean so much to me to be able to smile and show the world how happy I am. Eating is difficult, but truly smiling is impossible. 

  13. Donna Dearing'Garcia December 14th

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    When I was 9 I fell off my bike and broke my two front teeth in half had to have root canals on both and I already had a big gap in my front teeth I am 51 now and on ssi and could never afford any dental work. I don’t smile at all anymore and it’s hard to eat. 4 months ago one of the front false teeth fell out and most all my other teeth are either half home or all gone.I wish I could take pitures or smile but I don’t. I would love to be able to smile please and eat and look at my daughters and smile.

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