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Which U.S. Cities Have the Worst Teeth? recently approached Irwin Smigel, DDS., founder and president of the American Society for Dental Aesthetics(ASDA) and creator of Supersmile, to define a set of criteria that he believes makes for good teeth.

Dr. Smigel responded with the following:

Regular dentist visits, not smoking, minimizing your coffee, soda and red wine intake, and brushing and flossing. Other factors, like having hard water or a dry climate, can also stain teeth or create a dry mouth (which can hurt gums)(

With these criteria in hand, analyzed data from cities across the U.S. to determine the 14 cities with the worst teeth.

The 14 U.S. Cities with the worst teeth

1. Biloxi, Miss.
2. Huntington, W.Va.
3. Mobile, Ala.
4. Tulsa, Okla.
5. Baton Rouge, La.
6. Bristol, Tenn.
7. Greensboro, N.C.
8. Houston, Texas
9. Atlanta, Ga.
10. Las Vegas, Nev.
11. Miami, Fla.
12. St. Louis, Mo.
13. Little Rock, Ark.
14. Albuquerque, N.M.

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  1. artie August 24th

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    not true. the website says they asked dr. smigel for his criteria of what makes a beautiful smile. they took the criteria and came up with their own list.

  2. Cory Kemp August 24th

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    Thanks for the correction, Artie. The post has now been updated to reflect this…

  3. betty rutherford August 24th

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    I lived in Bristol Tn, for 26 years.(#6). This is one of the most corrupted cities I know of.If you want to make any money at all , you have to work for the MAN,(one of our local judges)he deals in drugs and I am betting he does not offer dental.

  4. Cory Kemp August 24th

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    Thank you for your comment. I am not familiar with Bristol, so I can’t substantiate you claims. I am not in the business of censoring comments(unless they’re spam), but I have to hang a big “Allegedly” sign over your post…

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    Interesting study. Normally we’ve hear of the fattest cities, smartest cities, richest cities, dumbest cities but this is a first to hear of worst teeth. A good consideration for any dentist looking to open a new practice.

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    Interesting post…

    I wouldn’t want to set up practice in any one of these places. The list probably aligns with economic hardship and not everyone appreciates healthy beautiful smiles.

  7. George Babers November 18th

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    No suprise that all of these cities are in POVERTY STRICKEN STATES which are also on the bottom list of access to healthcare…so not surprised at all.
    That is why if you value your health and welfare and longevity…don’t live in the South!
    Yes the taxes are lower and yes the cost of living is lower BUT the poverty and illiteracy are on the highest levels as well so it is all relative.

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    I can’t say I’m surprised to see St. Louis on the List, theres a lot of poverty stricken areas in the downtown area and surrounding areas. The dental schools in the area help out by offering very affordable pricing and assistance for the needy.

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