Top Ten Dental Tourism Destinations

Most people prefer to carry out their dental treatments to other countries. This has a big role of increasing prices for treatment, unavailability of the required treatment or longer waiting periods in their home country. For example, the dental insurances in America and Canada do not cover extensive dental treatments. Also the advanced dental procedures like dental implants through dental crowns are excluded from the policy.

Nevertheless, the people find elective dental procedures like tooth whitening unaffordable, which results in the negligence towards timely treatment. The upcoming trend to visit other countries for treatment has discovered a new term called “Dental Tourism”. Let’s know about the 10 most visited places by the dental patients.

1. Hungary

Hungary is a prime European destination for dental patients. It offers high quality treatment with the world’s best dentists, and state of the art facilities.

2. Turkey

Turkey has emerged as an affordable place to get treatment of your dental problems. Also famous as dental tourism destination, here you can discover the cultural treasure of Turkey whilst getting a dental procedure done.

3. Czech Republic

Get dental care for an affordable price, right at the center of the significant Prague. You can reach here by choosing the low-cost-carrier airlines that are the best option to fly here.

4. Spain

Also famous as one of the cheapest destinations for dental curing, Spain offers best-in-class services in the dental treatment area. The economy of Spain is going through severe deflation and hence you can get your problems treated within your budget.

5. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is renowned for its warm and friendly people. Enjoy the natural beauty of this place while getting treated by the trained and experienced dentists.

6. Philippines

The Philippines with its exotic tropical landscapes, outstanding cost-effective dentistry and renowned hospitality is the right place for dental tourists.

7. Mexico

A best alternative for dental treatments and it is only a short-drive away; along with excellent care they offer the best discounted prices too.

8. Poland

Poland is the most picturesque dental tourism destination in the world. It offers world class dental care services. You can reach there by choosing either air or train route from Western Europe and Scandinavia.

9. Dubai

A city tailored to cater luxuriously to the needs of dental tourists. The luxurious yet highly expertise care of Middle East even helps you to save great amounts.

10. Thailand

Find some of the largest and most up-to-date dental hospitals here. This tropical locale lures thousands of dental tourists to be treated by expert dentists. Clinics involved in dental treatment regularly form partnerships with hotels which offer discounted rates to their patients.

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