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The Top Droid Dental Apps of 2012 (So Far)

The following is a guest post by Jane Johnson of AndGeeks, a site providing Android News, commentary and reviews of smartphones such as T-Mobile LG Phones. If you are interested in guest posting for Dental Heroes, please sign up here.

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Whether you want to be a dental genius—or just have the knowhow to care for your pearly whites like one—there are a ton of mobile tools that can help you stay on top of oral hygiene. The good news, is that regardless of if you’re brushing up for dental school or an up-coming annual check-up, there are a ton of smart phone apps available to help you brush and floss more effectively, connect dentists and patients from a distance, keep you appraised of the latest and greatest dental lingo to impress your friends at parties, and , is that we live in the age of smart phones, which means there are a number of ways we can improve our oral hygiene, study up for dental school, or even tools that will prepare you for more in-depth dental surgeries and teeth whitening treatments by just consulting our handy Android devices.

1. Brushy (Free – for Android)

Particularly helpful for kids and adults who think they’re giving their chompers a good brush every morning and night, when in fact, they’re missing spots, the Brushy app is a simple 2 minute brush timer. Launch the app and it will count down two minute brush sessions at a time while it targets which area of the mouth to clean. The Brushy app will tell you exactly when you’ve spent thorough time brushing your teeth and ensure you commit to the 2-minute cleaning time that the majority of dentists recommend.

2. My Dentist – Dental Anywhere (Free – for Android)

It’s nice to know that you’re cared about—even from a distance. So the next time your dentist goes on vacation or to that annual dental conference in Poughkeepsie, you can stay connected via the My Dentist – Dental Anywhere app. This app keeps dentists in tune to their patients, opening the lines of communication from afar. Say you have a question about what kind of floss to buy, you can launch the Dental Anywhere app and the question will reach your dentist via his or her smart phone for immediate attention.

3. Tooth Protection Tips(Free – for Android)

The Tooth Protection app for Android provides general dental advice and tips on all oral-related health—such as brushing, flossing, calcium-rich foods, how to prevent tooth decay, safe whitening procedures, and more! So if you happen to be at the store looking at the teeth whitening products, you can consult the Tooth Protection App and know you’re receiving sound advice on your oral health.

4. Dental Video Lexicon (Free – for Android)

The Dental Video Lexicon is a handy app for both dental students and inquisitive patients. The app features a comprehensive Lexicon (or dictionary and vocabulary tool) that will help you answer almost any query relevant to dentistry with colorful, step-by-step visuals and picture examples. For instance, if you’re scheduled to get braces, you may want to look up information about braces fittings, duration of where, maintenance, foods to stir clear of, and pros of cons of wearing braces on your teeth. On the other hand, if you’re a dental student, you might want to look up various dental procedures like these to prepare yourself to fit braces on your patients.

5. 1000 Dental Flashcards & Quiz ($1.99 – for Android)

The 1000 Dental Flashcards & Quiz app provides 1000 useful dental references to educate you on topics related to dental hygiene, mouth and tooth anatomy, popular dental treatments, and surgeries. The app offers all of this information in engaging flashcard format, so it’s ideal if you are interested in dentistry or plan to pursue it as a career.

Your Favorite Android Dental Apps

Have you tried any of the apps above? Which is your favorite? Are there other dental apps for the Android that other Dental Heroes’ readers should check out? Please let us know in a comment below.

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    Hello, I am a 56 yr old single women who has been through alot of major medical problems. I had a brain aneurysm rupture in 2003 and half my skull taken out. Still worked but had a hard time keeping a job. I suffer from extreme headaches and have conjective dysfunction. They found 2 more and after 5 brain surgeries, I wanted to prove to everyone and myself that I was ok. I wasn’t and my insurance company never allowed a therapist or neurologist. In 2008 I was working for a small company and I was diagnosed with a fourth one near my brain stem. They partially coiled it but my employer wouldn’t give me 6 week to have a stent put in. I was told by them in Oct 2009 that they thought I didn’t really have headaches and they were going to put me in rehab. I never take anything doctor doesnt give me and I am not a drinker either. I quit. well to make a long story short, in 2012 I was hospitalized 7 times with serious infections. On Dec 20th, 2012 I was told that I also have lymphoma and luekemia where I have no white cells. I also was exposed to hep C somewhere down the road. I am currently taking a infusion drug called Ritoxin and it has caused my hair to fall out, nails brittle and my teeth are turning to powder. I do have top denture but it fits poorly. What I am asking is there anyone that would give me a few dental implants at least so my dentures will fit properly. I also have digestiion issues because I cant eat my food. Please help, I am so desparate!

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