Top 5 Sites to Search for a Dentist

If you’re anything like me, you like to do as much research as possible prior to making important decisions – such as choosing a new dentist. Luckily, there are a number of great websites online that point you to available dentists in your area. I’ve selected 5 such sites that I find particularly useful when conducting a search for local dentists.


1-800 Dentist is probably the most well-known dental directory on the web. You’ve probably even seen a few of their commercials. I particularly like their service because they pre-screen dentists prior to placing them in their directory. This isn’t foolproof, but it is an added layer of protection that certainly doesn’t hurt.


I was impressed by the number of results I received for dentists near me. In fact, returned 15 results for dentists within 10 miles of me. They’re not pre-screened, however.

3. is not pretty, and not nearly as comprehensive as or, but I do like that it allows you to select a search radius. Not pre-screened.

4. is on par with in terms of the volume of search results you can expect. I particularly like that allows searches by zip(with search radius), city, or dentist’s last name. Not pre-screened.


A search at returned fairly comprehensive results – on par with and I’m particularly impressed with how this dentist search engine tries to help you located dentists in your are that accept online appointment booking. Unfortunately, there were no dentists in my area currently doing this, but it’s a neat feature for the future. Not Pre-screened.

Google Test

Once you have found a handful of dentists in your area, I would first Google each of their names. This is a great way to filter out the “bad apples” right off the bat. If a particular dentist has some dirty laundry, it’s likely that someone has taken the time to write about it on the web. A quick Google search will uncover their dirty deeds.

Questions to Ask a New Dentist

For those dentists that have passed the Google check, there are a number of questions that I would ask each of them prior to making a selection. Tammy Davenport has put together a comprehensive list of questions to ask prior to selecting a new dentist. Of course, you will have to determine whether the prospective dentist answered the questions to your satisfaction, but this list will provide you with a great starting point in finding a great dentist near you.

How did you find your dentist?

Obviously searching online is not the only way to find a new dentist. I’m curious how you found yours? Please leave a comment and share with the rest of us.

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  1. wisdom November 19th

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    I haven’t seen a few of these sites before. Thanks for finding them. Always good to be able to find new dentists.

  2. drdental November 20th

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    No problem Wisdom. A lot of people are unaware of just how easy it is to find a local dentist.

  3. The Visible Dentist December 1st

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    Just for the record, I positioned the dentist directory in the search engines for its owner. Unfortunately though, I wasn’t given full license to improve its interface, its database of dentists, or its submission process for dentists. Still, a valuable little site.

    Beyond dental directories, a majority of people seeking a dentist will simply conduct a query on a major search engine that includes either a treatment procedure, or a generic term such as “dentist”, “dental care”, etc. accompanied by their city or town.

    Invaribly, since we monitor directly the Web stats for a lot of dental sites, very few, if any, people reach the dentist’s website via online directories. The lion share arrive by a search engine query. Another interesting fact is that people seldom venture past the first one or two search engine results pages.

    John Barremore
    houston, TX

  4. drdental December 1st

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    Interesting observation, John. Empirically, that does seem to make sense. I think my primary motivation for this particular post is to highlight a more direct way of exploring local dentist results – no wading through potentially irrelevant search engine results.

    However, that’s not to say that dentist directories are any better than search results. It’s just another option for people to consider.

    Perhaps I’ll write a post in the near future discussing additional methods of finding local dentists and include the search engine query method.

    Thanks for great comment.

  5. Alex Farnoosh July 18th

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    Very interesting comments. I am actually indexed on most of those sites, but I agree with John most of the patient inquiries I get come from search engines queries. Did you ever write a followup post?

  6. Cory Kemp July 18th

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    Alex, thanks for your comment and observations. I have not followed up with this specific post to date. However, Dental Heroes is in the midst of a transition to a more dental professional-centric focus. You can expect many more posts along these lines in the near future.

  7. San Diego Dentists November 16th

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    Regards,San Diego Dentists

  8. Comment Arrow

    Why do many of these sites miss websites for their dentists though? That seems an unfortunate piece of information to be lacking.

  9. Kim August 17th

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    It’s painful. It makes the gums red. The pus is not easily extracted. It goes down to my teeth. Would the reddening of the gums be permanent? I don’t want to have a permanent red portion on my gums. If it would be permanent, can it be removed or go back to normal? Would that need any dental process? I don’t want to have a root extraction since I am still young and it’s not nice to look at.. I don’t want any tooth that is not real.

    Please answer my questions!

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