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Product Spotlight: Sunstar’s GUM® PerioBalance

Sunstar Americas, Inc., manufacturer of GUM® and Butler® brand products, recently released Gum Periobalance, one of the first probiotic products specifically focused on improving oral health.

New breed of Oral Health Products

Representing a new breed in oral health products, GUM® PerioBalance™ is specifically formulated to provide oral health benefits by balancing the oral environment. It does this with the help of probiotics, a form of “good” bacteria which can help your body’s natural defense against a variety of common ailments, including oral health problems. As Sunstar put it, the probiotics found in GUM® PerioBalance™ is “designed to rebalance the oral environment”. If you’d like to read further about the benefits of probiotics, a great article recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal.

Clinical Sudies Report Good Results

Recent clinical studies have indicated that the probiotics found in GUM® PerioBalance™ are indeed helpful for balancing the oral environment. In fact, studies have shown a 42 percent decrease in moderate-to-severe plaque after 28 days when GUM® PerioBalance™ has been taken as directed. Sunstar was nice enough to send me a 28-day supply(one box) of GUM® PerioBalance™ for review, and I can confirm that my plaque levels were noticeably reduced after the 28 day trial period.

Incorporate GUM® PerioBalance™ into your daily Regimen

One thing to note about GUM® PerioBalance™ is that it’s not a magic bullet. You can’t cease all other parts of your oral care routine and expect the results described above. Instead, GUM® PerioBalance™ should be used as a supplement to your existing brushing, flossing, mouth washing routine to see the oral environment balancing benefits.

Physical Product Facts

GUM® PerioBalance™ is currently available in a fresh mint flavored lozenge(dissolves under tongue). I found the lozenge to be quite potent. The taste was great, but strong enough that I had to shift it around under my tongue to avoid discomfort. Each box of GUM® PerioBalance™ comes with 28 lozenges – so just about a month’s supply.

Try it for yourself

If you’d like to give GUM PerioBalance a try, we recommend purchasing from below.

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