Soft Shine Professional Cosmetic Polishing Paste Sample

Friday is Professional Product Sample Day

My dentist and dental hygienist readers are going to start to love Fridays even more because Friday is “Professional Product Sample Day” at Dental Heroes. Each Friday, I will scour the internet looking for quality professional dental products available only to dental professionals. Many of you already have established relationships with suppliers and reps who provide you with product samples. However, without sampling products from companies you don’t have existing relationships with, how will you know if the products you use and recommend are the best available option? Well, you don’t. So, I’ve made it my mission pick out those samples that I think will be of most value to you.

Today’s Free Sample: Soft Shine™ Cosmetic Polishing Paste

Today’s free sample, Soft Shine™ Cosmetic Polishing Paste is brought to you by the well-established brand, Waterpik®. Waterpik®, of course, is most notable for their oral irrigation products, but today’s free sample provides a glimpse into their other high-quality product lines.

Soft Shine™ Cosmetic Polishing Paste Features

  • Veneers: Effectively polishes marginal edges.
  • Composites: Safely restores full luster.
  • Gold: Restores to original shine.
  • Porcelain: Safely removes heavy staining.
  • Natural Teeth: No need to change pastes!

Sign up to receive your free sample

Simply visit the Waterpik® website and fill in the appropriate form to receive your free sample.

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  1. Debbie Briggs, RDH August 31st

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    Thanks Cory for your continued support on Dental Products. You are right…there are several Dental products we have not seen, nor heard of; your time is greatly appreciated.

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