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How to save time and money on your waiting room magazine subscriptions

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A more pleasant waiting experience

There’s a cheap and easy way to make your waiting room much more pleasant for your patients. Furnishing your waiting space with current, popular magazines can provide patients a lot of value and make their waiting considerably more pleasant. Current magazines in good condition also reflect well on your practice.

The easiest, cheapest way to keep your waiting room filled with magazines is by using a third party waiting room magazine provider.

Using a reception room subscription service helps you keep things simple by enabling you to pay one bill, and work with one provider, to get all your magazines. One bill, from one company, makes keeping magazines available for your customers much more convenient. At the same time, publishers offer discounts on subscriptions for waiting rooms.

One Company, One Bill

If you go about maintaining each subscription on your own, keeping magazines in your reception room requires remembering when you need to renew each title. Not only that, but when doing it on your own you have to deal with fluctuating prices that make it hard to budget. Using a reception room subscription service means you get one bill that covers all of your titles. This makes budgeting easy, and renewals even easier.

Save Money on Subscriptions

Publishers are willing to charge less for subscriptions they know are going into waiting rooms because every issue in a reception room is seen by many people. These discounted prices can be considerably less than you could get on your own. You could get titles like People Magazine for as much as 71% off the cover price.

The most efficient way to take advantage of this discount is to work with a reception room subscription service that can negotiate reception room rates for all of your subscriptions.

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  1. tiff bonfiglio September 27th

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    Good info

  2. Sa October 2nd

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    Didn’t know a service like this existed..thanks!

  3. dentists Swampscott October 4th

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    What a nice service – a nice part of the saving is the manager’s time in maintaining all the subscriptions.

    The best saving this year has been to add a system of automatic conformations of appointments, 24 hs before (phone) and 2 hs before (text). No-shows have dropped in half, and the manager has more free time.

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