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Is Your Smile on the A-List or D-List?

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Have you been thinking about changing your smile for a while and just haven’t had the guts to take that step? Perhaps you’ve been a bit nervous about making the change. Maybe you’re a bit apprehensive about coming to the dentist and your fears are keeping you from making a change. Maybe you want to make a change and just don’t know what options are available to help improve your smile. Or maybe, just maybe you need a smile makeover and don’t even know it!

My New Book

Well I’m here to help. I’m Dr. Catrise Austin, “Dentist to the Stars” and author of a new book called “5 Steps to the Hollywood A-List Smile: How the stars get that perfect smile and how you can too!” I wrote this book for those of you who may feel like it’s finally time to address your smile needs and are ready to take the journey to achieving a new smile and a new you.

My Personal Story

If you feel like you’re alone, don’t worry because I’ve been there. What started out as a routine visit to the dentist for me at the age of 15 literally changed my life and my future. You see, growing up, I never felt confident about my teeth. I never liked the look of my smile. I thought that I would be stuck forever, hiding behind a smile that didn’t make me feel pretty or confident. I thought that I was simply going to have to live life with the smile that I was given.

However, during a routine dental visit, my dentist urged my mom to invest in those ugly metal braces for me. As ugly as they were back then, I was so excited. I wore braces for a year and when the braces came off, I felt like Miss America or America’s Next Top Model or something! Changing my smile literally changed my life forever. My dental experience even led me to become a dentist to help you. I was lucky because after being teased all of my life, I knew that I needed a change. But some of you may not be so sure. How do you know if your smile is on the A-List or D-List? The first step in my book “5 Steps to the Hollywood A-List Smile” is to assess your smile.

Should you alter your smile?

Many of my patients are surprised at how much work is involved in making the decision to alter their smile. But I don’t want anyone making hasty decisions; I tell everyone that is considering a change that it’s important to come face-to face with their smile, find out their needs, and then discover how these needs relate to what might work– or not work – for them. So in my book, I take you through several exercises to help you decide if a change is needed. Today I’m going to share a few of these exercises with you.

The Mirror Test

The first test is called “The Mirror Test”. The purpose of this test is to see for yourself exactly what your smile looks like; this way you can begin to rate it more accurately and be better prepared to face what’s going to be needed to make the change in your smile.

Here are the five steps to The Mirror Test:

1) Look in the mirror: Seems like a no-brainer, sure, but have you ever really looked into the mirror? Sure, we glance at it from time to time throughout the day, usually as we pass by,
but it’s the rare person indeed who actually looks deep into the mirror and sticks around for what comes next. Even when we comb our hair or apply our makeup or fix our ties, we are often
merely spot-checking a very specific area of our head, face or neck; we don’t really soak in the whole picture. So the first step of The Mirror Test is to stand in front of a well-lighted mirror
and look, really look, at yourself.

2) Smile: Okay, now look at yourself and – smile. That’s it; just smile. Smile like you normally would; not too wide, not too thin. Smile like you mean it, hold it and look at it. That’s all; just smile.

3) Close your eyes: Now close your eyes; that’s right – smile and then close your eyes. Think about what you just saw; think about your smile.

4) Smile again: Now open your eyes and smile again. Repeat Step 2, from above, and this time really, really concentrate on not just how your smile looks but how it makes you feel. Check
your gut reaction to tell whether you are pleased, disappointed, shocked, relieved – or a combination of all four.

5) Write down your first impression: Be quick, be bold, be brave and, most of all, be HONEST.

Now the next step is to gauge your current smile by using the “Hollywood Smile Quiz” that can be found in my book or you can jump right to the good part and rate your smile using my Hollywood Ratings System. Hollywood is a place where everybody wants to be ranked on a list of some sort be it, “Best-Dressed”, “World’s Sexiest”, or “Most Powerful”. But what if you could rate your smile? Well now you can by using my simple Hollywood Ratings System. While looking in the mirror still, try ranking your smile.

Which List Are You On?

Here are the 4 ratings—A-List, B-List, C-List, or D-List.

The “A-List” Smile (4 Stars – ****): People with A-List smiles know it – and are not afraid to share with the world how confident and beautiful they feel. It’s the smile worthy of the red carpet; this smile is marked by a wide range of positive characteristics, including:

• No visible cavities or fillings
• Clean teeth (no evidence of plaque or tartar)
• Straight teeth
• Teeth in proportion to your mouth (not too big or too small; not too short or too long)
• Healthy gums (pink in color)
• White teeth with lack of discoloration (yellow, brown, gray or black)
• Fresh, pleasant breath
• Even, uniform and proportioned gum line and not “too gummy”

The “B-List” Smile (3 Stars – ***): The B-List Smile has the same basic characteristics as the A-List Smile, only certain changes are starting to develop causing it to lose some of its natural luster and shape. These include:

• Moderately clean teeth (slightly visible evidence of bacterial plaque or tartar)
• Mild yellowing (or other discoloration of teeth, such as brown, gray or black)
• Mild rotations, spaces or other misalignments
• Hesitance or reluctance to smile
• Minor flaws (chips; worn enamel)
• No visible cavities or fillings
• Fresh, pleasant breath

The “C-List” Smile (2 Stars – **): Signs of the C-List Smile include:

• Visible cavities (brown or black spots/discolorations)
• Visible old fillings or crowns
• Moderate buildup of plaque and tartar that is visible when you smile
• Moderate yellowing or other discolorations (brown, grey or black)
• Moderate flaws in alignments (moderately crooked; moderate spacing or gaps)
• More noticeable flaws (sizable chips, moderately worn enamel)
• Red, swollen gums
• An uneven gum line (or a “gummy” smile)

The “D-List” Smile (1 Star – *):

• Obvious neglect due to infrequent dental visits, accompanied by very little to no smiling
• Large, noticeable cavities
• Visible old fillings or crowns
• Severe tartar buildup that is noticeably visible
• Severe yellowing or other discoloration
• Severe flaws in alignment
• Red, swollen gums
• Loose teeth
• Uneven gum line
• Accompanied by bad breath from lack of dental care

How did you do

So, how did you do? A-List, B-List, C-List or D-List Smile? Congratulations if your smile made the A-List! If you rated yourself and came up short of your expectations don’t worry; there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. All you have to do now is figure out what you want out of your smile and go for it! Maybe you’re a businessman who realizes his current smile is affecting sales (and not in a good way). Perhaps you’re a student who sits in the back of the class and covers her face when she is called upon because you’re so insecure about your smile. Maybe you’re an actor, singer, or model who wants to complete your look and impress the masses with that A-List Smile. Maybe you’re a busy mom or housewife who simply needs a new and exciting reason to smile. With this information you can change your world forever.

Maintenance or Makeover

Perhaps this process helped you realize that it won’t take that much to get that A-List Smile; on the contrary perhaps you came to the realization that it’s going to be harder than you thought. Either way, now you KNOW; and knowledge is power. It’s up to you now to decide if your smile just needs basic maintenance or a makeover. All that I ask of you is to simply take charge of your dental health and the appearance of your smile today. If you’ve been guilty of putting off your next dental exam and professional cleaning, or addressing the appearance of your smile for whatever reasons, consider visiting your dentist to maintain a healthy and dazzling smile. For more smile tips, options for enhancing your smile, and for your VIP pass to dental resources, pick up my new book or click to order “5 Steps to the Hollywood A-List Smile: How the stars get that perfect smile and how you can too!” today.

About the Author:

Dr. Catrise Austin owes her A-List career to a love of belly laughs. As a new dentist, Dr. Austin enjoyed many nights at the comedy clubs of New York City where she met up and coming comedians such as Chris Rock, Tracey Morgan, Mike Epps, and Dave Chappelle. Before you could say, “Brush after every meal” Dr. Austin was known as the “Dentist to the Stars”.

But Dr. Austin, who originally became a dentist because of how she felt as a young girl with a less-than-perfect smile, knew that great smiles weren’t just for Hollywood. So she wrote 5 Steps to the Hollywood A-List Smile (Dr. Austin’s Website ) a primer of everything you need to know about having a great smile including:

– Rating your smile
– Dictionary of dental services
– Finding affordable dental services
– Steps you can take at home to create a great smile

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