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Why Use An Organic Toothpaste?

Many people believe that eating organic foods is enough to eliminate potentially harmful chemicals from entering their body. Unfortunately, they’re wrong. You should also consider the potentially harmful chemicals found in things like shampoo/conditioner, skincare products, hand soaps, toothpaste/oral hygiene products. Of course, we’re most concerned at Dental Heroes about the latter category.

Why Use Organic Toothpaste?

Some studies have shown that use of non-organic toothpastes can potentially lead to: halitosis (bad breath), renal failure and even cancer. To read more about the potentially dangerous chemicals found in non-organic toothpastes, check out this post by Avenue of the Arts Dental.

Where Do I Find Organic Toothpastes?

You can find organic toothpastes at most local grocery/drug stores or online. One product that came to our attention that you may want to give a try is Pure Mint Toothpaste by Arbonne. Pure Mint toothpaste is organic, safe, contains no artificial flavors and cruelty-free(no animal testing). Here’s the product description as found on

A fluoride-free gel that helps cleanse and brighten teeth. Just the right combination of mint and spearmint -flavors, plus white tea, ginger, grape, pomegranate and cranberry to freshen breath. Brushing daily with Arbonne’s minty toothpaste also helps remove stains and helps prevent plaque and tartar build-up. Contains no artificial flavors.

If you’re interested in trying out Pure Mint Toothpaste by Arbonne, you can purchase it through my wife, who is an Arbonne Independent Consultant. You can purchase directly from Her Website or you can Email Her

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