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You may remember a few weeks back that I reviewed Dr. Collins interdental cleaners. Well, for those of you who don’t know, interdental cleaners are essentially tiny brush-like “sticks” if you will, used to clean plaque and food particles out of the spaces between your teeth. They’re a great supplement to dental floss, and can break up the monotony of flossing everyday.

Flix Sticks – Dental Floss & Interdental Cleaner Combined

I’ve been thinking lately that there must be a way to incorporate the benefits of both interdental cleaners and floss into a single product. Well, it turns out, a company by the name of Mirage Dental Products Limited beat me to the punch. They produce a hybrid interdental cleaner and floss product dubbed “Flix Sticks”. Cool name, huh? What makes this product so unique is that it utilized floss mesh and a tapered edge as opposed to a brush-like tip, common in the typical interdental cleaner. Both of these features should make for maximum plaque removal and ease-of-use.

Free Samples

Everybody likes free samples, right? Good thing, because Mirage Dental is currently offering free samples, so be sure to sign up for your free Flix Sticks now before they run out. I’m filling out the form to get mine right now!

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  1. nancy October 26th

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    all samples stay the same for years. I like getting samples ,to get the Dr. I work for to try new products.

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