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Fixodent Announces “Circle of Confidence” Initiative

Recently, Proctor & Gamble, makers of Fixodent, the number one dentist recommended brand of denture adhesive, announced the launch of the “Circle of Confidence,” a unique network of experts created to provide confidence and give denture wearers a team to confide in as a person, not a patient.

The ‘Circle of Confidence’ program was founded following a Fixodent survey to find out how women dentures feel about themselves compared to women without dentures. The survey, “Fixodent Beauty & Aging,” found that denture wearers place more importance on their smile than the average woman over 40. They believe this is the first thing others notice about them, and the idea of getting dentures was a source of anxiety for most wearers before they got dentures.

Fixodent Survey Results

  • Two in ten (19%) women age 40+ have full or partial dentures
  • Nearly two-thirds (63%) of female denture wearers say they felt some anxiety right before they got their
  • Nearly half (40%) said they feared that their dentures would slip or not fit well.
  • A third of women feared that their dentures would be painful.
  • Women in the 40+ age group are most likely to say their smile is the first physical feature that people notice
    about them.
  • Most female denture wearers (67%) say they smile more often since getting dentures.
  • The biggest fear for these women is if they had to get dentures, 61 percent say it would ease their
    worries to know their dentures would stay in place. About half (51 percent) say it would lessen their
    conerns to know they could eat almost all the foods they now enjoy.
  • Roughly 20 million women age 40+ wear full or partial dentures and more than three million women are living
    their lives in fear of doing something as simple as eating out.
  • Women age 40+ who wear dentures and those who don’t wear dentures agree on at least one thing – denture experts are the most helpful online resource for getting information about dentures.

To help ease this anxiety, Fixodent has joined forces with dental expert/prosthodontist Dr. Lawrence Brecht; lifestyle/nutrition expert Elizabeth Somer, M.A., R.D.; and beauty expert Lois Joy Johnson, to provide women with insights to help them feel confident with their new smiles.

To ease the anxiety of your new denture-wearing patients, send them to the Fixodent Circle of Confidence website, which is available on This powerful website helps restore confidence in new denture wearers through information that helps them educate and empower themselves to experience life, not dentures.

Circle of Confidence Overview

Your Thoughts

Does your experience with denture wearers over 40 mirror the findings in this Fixodent study? Do you believe your patients would find the ‘Circle of Confidence’ to be helpful in restoring their confidence?

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