Product Review: Dr. Collins Interdental Cleaners

It has been some time since I’ve posted a product review on the Dental Heroes Blog, so I figured now would be a great time to write one.

The focus of this product review is Dr. Collins Interdental Cleaners.

Dr. Collins Interdental Cleaners

Dr. Collins Interdental Cleaner

Dr. Collins Interdental Cleaner Features

The following is a list of Dr. Collins Interdental Cleaner features according to the Dr. Collins website:

  • Soft cylindrical brush removes plaque and food debris
  • Reaches areas not accessible by manual brushing
  • Flexible rubber handle is easy to grip
  • Great for use with braces or bridges
  • Ventilated plastic cap for each interdental cleaner
  • Convenient storage box great for travel
  • 10 interdental cleaners per box

The following attributes are rated on a scale of 1 – 5 (1=poor 5=excellent)

Aesthetic Appeal = 4
This is one serious-looking interdental cleaner. You can really tell it means business when looking at it. I also get the feeling that Dr. Collins was more focused on a functional look, and less concerned with producing an “eye candy” product. I for one appreciate that.

Durability = 5
I’m quite impressed with the durability of this product. I didn’t notice any signs of weakness while using this product as intended. In fact, I didn’t notice any signs of weakness while using this product in a way that was unintended either. I spent 5 minutes trying to break the interdental cleaner and couldn’t. I bent it in half, and it bounced back into its original form. I bent the bristled head in every direction, and twisted it as much as possible, but no breakage.

Functionality = 4
I was pleased with the functionality of this product. It was above average. The flexibility of both the bristled head and the rubber handle was very helpful in maneuvering between the hard-to-reach teeth. I also had no problems working it under my permanent retainer – which is something I expected to have problems with to be honest. The lone functionality issue that I experienced while using the Dr. Collins interdental cleaners was that I had to straighten out the bristled head a few times on some teeth to maneuver it properly. This was not a big deal though, and was probably due to operator error more than anything.

Least Favorite Attribute
I had no problems with this product. In fact, my only real issue with this product is not with the product at all, rather with the lack of instructions. I would have appreciated a small instruction manual tucked into the plastic carrying case that covered proper usage guidelines, cleaning tips, and usage allowance for each cleaner.

Favorite Attribute
I’m most impressed with the handle grip. Most interdental cleaners on the market slip through your fingers while working on particularly stubborn gaps between your teeth. This product simply doesn’t slip.

Overall Opinion
I give Dr. Collins Interdental Cleaners 2 thumbs up. If you’re already an interdental cleaner user, and haven’t tried the Dr. Collins Interdental Cleaners, you owe it to yourself to give them a try. I’ll bet you haven’t used interdental cleaners with this much flexibility. If you’ve never tried interdental cleaners, then you should give this product a try as well. You may just decide it’s time to convert!

Try them for yourself

If you’d like to give the Dr. Collins Interdental Cleaners a try for yourself, we recommend purchasing from

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  1. Wisdom June 16th

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    I have never heard of an interdental cleaner before. Could you please elaborate on this or direct me somewhere where I can learn more. Thanks

  2. drdental June 16th

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    Wisdom, I apologize for not elaborating more on what an interdental cleaner is. An interdental cleaner is a simple little tool, like the one pictured in the post, that you simply push through the gaps between your teeth and literally “brush” out any food particles or plaque. They’re intended to do essentially the same thing as floss, but in my opinion or more effective at pushing out food particles, and quite frankly less annoying to use. I looked around for a good site explaining interdental cleaners in-depth, but most just want to sell you something. I hope this helps.

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