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Dental Blogs: The Week in Review (September 28 – October 2, 2009)

If you missed last weeks review post, you can view it here: Dental Blogs: The Week in Review (September 21-25, 2009). Without further ado, here’s the weekly roundup of interesting blog posts from around the Dental Blog Community for the week of September 28 through October 2, 2009.

Top 5 Stories of the Week

1) Paperless vs. chartless and the Red Flags Rules Kevin Henry discusses some of the newest electronic issues with Banta Consulting’s Laci Phillips.

2) 12 Green Products/Companies You Should Know I’m no Al Gore (thankfully), but I’m of the belief that being “green” is a good thing. If you do as well, check out this post which highlights 12 products and companies that can help your practice “go green”.

3) BPA Safety in Dental Sealants Worries Some Dentists The Wealthy Dentist discusses in this video post a recent survey of dental professionals found that one dentist in four reports being very concerned about the issue of bisphenol-A (the problem chemical in water bottles and baby bottles).

4) American Dental Association Launches Podcast Program for Public The ADA launched a new video podcast series focused on providing oral health care information to the public. Read more about the podcast in this post…

…and there you have it. There’s a look at the top stories coming out of the Dental Blog Community this week. Look for a brand new list next week!

Are we missing anything?

Did you read an interesting dental-related blog post this past week? I certainly can’t hit on them all, so please share what you found in a comment below

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    Cory glad people out there still have a passion for oral health. Keep it up.

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