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Crest Pro-Health Rinse Draws Complaints

Crest Pro Health Rinse Complaints Mount

A small, but vocal group of former Crest Pro Health Rinse users have taken to the internet, and the court system to voice their displeasure for the product. So, what has these people so irked about Crest Pro Health Rinse? Well, apparently they experienced discoloration of their teeth and an odd numbing taste(despite being a non-alcoholic product).

Former Crest Pro Health Rinse user “Zero Stars For Me” had this to say on an customer review:

This garbage put dingy yellow and brown stains on my teeth, especially near the gums. A dental cleaning failed to get them off. If I had known this mouthwash could cause stains, I would never have used it in the first place. If my next dental cleaning fails to remove the yellow on my teeth, P&G may have a lawsuit on their hands. It’s to the point where I don’t want to even talk or smile. These Pro Health products should be illegal.

That’s just scratching the surface, no pun intended. Take a look at more reviews of Crest Pro Health Rinse on Popular Blogger, Andy Wibbels also rang in on this issue in a post he boldly called, “Crest Pro Health Mouthwash Turning Customers Teeth Brown,” in which hundreds of Ex-Pro Health Rinse users lashed out at Proctor & Gamble(Crest’s Parent Company) and fervently denounced the product.

Many former users of Crest Pro Health Rinse want to take their case one step further – to the court system. reports that, “a federal lawsuit alleging fraud in a proposed class action is currently pending in Georgia.” Furthermore, the “U.S. Food and Drug administration is currently gathering more information on complaints.” This story gained national attention recently on NBC’s “Today” show.

Proctor & Gamble’s Response
As reported by, Dr. Robert Gerlach, conductor of clinical research on Crest Pro Health Rinse, had this to say in defense of the product:

“I want to assure you that Crest Pro-Health Rinse is safe and effective: the millions of consumers who use it every day, and the growing number of dentists who recommend it, can attest to that,” Gerlach said on the site. “We perform extensive scientific and safety testing on all of our products and their ingredients before they are marketed, and continue to monitor them once in market. Crest Pro-Health Rinse’s active ingredient has been recognized as safe and effective by an FDA advisory panel, and the label meets current FDA standards.”

The “FAQ” section of the Crest website also serves to defend the product. In it, Crest addresses the concerns of a dental hygienist that noticed staining in her patients’ teeth as a result of using Crest Pro Health Rinse this way:

Teeth discoloration could actually be one indication, in some people, that the product is working: after the rinse kills germs in your mouth, the dead germs can collect on the teeth surface and create the appearance of a brown stain.

My Thoughts
I can’t see this as any consolation for those that experienced the sort of staining that we’ve read about on and Andy’s Blog. In fact, it seems to minimize the emotions experienced by the affected.

If you’ll remember, back in September of 2007, I wrote a review of Crest Pro Health Rinse. This was before the can of worms was opened. I didn’t experience the brown staining myself, but as you can see by the outcry, the problem does appear to be legitimate. If it is indeed legitimate, I think Proctor & Gamble will have to take a hard look at this product and decide whether they want to be a socially responsible company or a strictly profit-motivated company.

Have you used Crest Pro Health Rinse? What were your personal results? What should be Proctor & Gamble’s response to the outcry?

Reader Comments

  1. wisdom May 19th

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    That does not sound very fair to the customers. How could they develop a product that makes people’s teeth worse.

  2. drdental May 19th

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    That’s a good question. What I don’t understand is how this issue wasn’t present in clinical trials. If it was, why was it not taken seriously?

  3. Steven June 18th

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    I just learned that Crest Pro Health mouthwash was what has been causing horrible brown stains on my teeth. I started a healthy diet about 2 years ago and a year ago my dental hygentist recommended Crest Pro Health Mouthwash. At the time I was eating a lot of apples and bananas. The stains started and I asked a dentist friend of mine and he thought it was the acidity from the fruits. I quit eating apples and the stains continued. Today I went for another cleaning and my hygentist mentioned she had heard about this.

    Regarding some of Crest’s claims – I don’t drink any coffee or wine. My diet is low-sugar, low-salt and lots of water.

    My last 2 cleanings have been rought trying to get the stains off my teeth – scaling and dental sandpaper.

    What an awful product! And these are people going the extra mile to protect their teeth. No Crest products in my house anymore.

  4. drdental June 18th

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    Hi Steven,

    I’m sorry to hear about your horrible experience with this product. It’s amazing to me that it’s still on the market, since the “brown stain” problem is effecting what I consider to be a significant percentage of Crest Pro Health Rinse users. Time will tell if the public outcry is enough to convince Crest from pulling the product. I’m not holding my breath, however.

  5. riobianca July 15th

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    I have been using Pro Health for about 2 years. I went for a dental cleaning today and told the hygenist I am having more staining than usual between the teeth and at the gumline. She asked me if I am using Pro Health. I had no idea it causes staining, there is no warning at all on the bottle. I think Crest should stop selling this product ASAP or reformulate it. I think I will stop buying all of their products now.

  6. drdental July 15th

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    I’m sorry to heat that Riobianca. It doesn’t surprise me that your dental hygienist or dentist was aware of the problems associated with Pro Health rinse. The problems are now well documented all over the web, yet Crest continues to stand behind their product. At this point, it appears as if they’re content to ignore the obvious staining the product has been causing. However, I know some people have attempted to set up a class action suit, but I’m not sure where that stands at the moment. In any case, it sounds like going cold turkey with the product is a good decision.

  7. Aaron August 31st

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    I have not used the rinse, but I have experienced the same brown staining between my teeth with the Crest Pro Health toothpaste. I’ve been using the product for 3 months now. It’s extremely disconcerting that these products are still on store shelves.

  8. drdental August 31st

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    Aaron, thanks for the heads-up. I know that most people have been complaining about the rinse as opposed to the toothpaste, but it’s certainly conceivable that they both have issues. After all, they are part of the same product family. In the interest of verification, I would try it myself, but…I like my white teeth too much to subject them to even the possibility of brown stains!

  9. Anais gave October 7th

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    OMG!!! I have been using both products for about a year and I have brown stains betwen my teeth and I just when to the dentist two weeks ago and he did not say anything about cavities. He told me that everything was fine and I was really worry about because I do not have dental insurance and I have to pay a lot for a cleaning. I just brushed my teeth with crest pro health and mouthwash and I feel so bad!!!

  10. Anais gave October 7th

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    what can use to take the stains out?

  11. Steve October 10th

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    I saw my dentist today and learned that Crest Pro Health Rinse was the cause of my problems too. I had really bad stains and never could have guessed that it was my mouthwash that was to blame! I changed my coffee drinking habits, new toothbrush, filtered water, etc. and even increased my use of the mouthwash to try and fight it! Well, I’m pretty angry that I went through all that hassle (and embarrassment) while Crest knows it’s a problem and still sells it. I’m just glad my dentist had a clue!

  12. drdental October 10th

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    Steve, I’m sorry to hear about your bad experiences with this product. I’m hearing stories about Crest Pro Health Rinse causing brown staining almost every day. Luckily, as you experienced, dentists are becoming acutely aware of the issues this rinse has caused their patients, and are recommending alternatives. I’ll be curious to see if Crest decides to be responsible and yank this product off the market. Time will tell.

  13. Robyn October 14th

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    I’ve been using Pro-Health toothpaste for about a month now and have had nothing but amazing changes in my teeth. I used to have a problem with staining because of teeth being too close together and this toothpaste has taken away all the stains that I had. I wondering if there is a time delay in any of this though. I guess I’m going to keep watch because nothing has cleaned my teeth like this toothpaste.

  14. drdental October 15th

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    Thanks for the feedback. I know the Crest Pro-Health products have been causing a lot of problems for a lot of people, so it’s certainly good to hear it’s working for someone.

  15. Stephanie October 29th

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    I also began getting brown stains on my teeth that looked terrible, as if I did not floss. I was horrified because I take such good care of my teeth by brushing them twice a day and flossing. A visit to my dentist to scrape off the brown spots confirmed that the mouthwash was the cause of these stains. I am extremely disappointed in Crest and was angered to learn that this has been happening to people for more than 2 years and they have done nothing about it.

  16. drdental October 29th

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    Sorry to hear that you’ve experienced the same stains that a lot of other users have experienced. I’m still waiting for Crest to confirm that they goofed with this product…not holding my breath…

  17. Domo-Kun September 27th

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    I read other reviews and personally I feel people are just trying to start things for attention and to sue the company for money. Many of the reviews state that there has been no photo-graphical evidence proposed, also its only blog complaints on sites. If it was such a problem why aren’t there more actually complaining to the company instead of wasting time on blogs. I’ve been using it without many problems at all. The stains can be prevented by brushing regularly and flossing from what I’ve found out.

  18. Cory Kemp October 1st

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    Llama, I can certainly understand how you’ve come to that conclusion. However, a simple Google search will bring up hundreds of customer complaints regarding the staining-effects of Crest Pro-Health Rinse. I’m not saying one way or the other whether the product is harmful. In fact, I didn’t notice the staining effects many people are complaining about. That being said, the number of people speaking out against this product leads me to believe that their claims are legitimate.

  19. Amandabrown2 February 16th

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    Hi Domo-Kun

    I actually did complain to Crest. They gave me a song and dance about the product being safe, but they sure were sorry I had bad results. They did give me my money back, which I appreciated, however, they need to switch they’re story from safety to effectiveness. A product is not effective if it has the opposite of the intended effect, even if it doesn’t cause any other harm than cosmetic.


  20. Tony Adair October 24th

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    I googled this because I used the product twice and haven’t used it again for about 3 days and it feels like it “burned” my taste buds off. I have no tasting ability on the whole front half of my tongue. I hope it returns!

  21. Mary R October 19th

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    Yes, it stains. It is a faulty product! Who cares that it works for some…it is not safe for all….get rid of it

  22. ssc October 23rd

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    I can’t taste anything because of that stuff! Crest sucks! I am not buying their products anymore!

  23. Jake December 14th

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    I just had my 6 month dental check up and cleaning at my Dentist today. My Dentist examined my teeth and noticed lots of brown staining on my teeth which where not present the last time he examined me. He asked me if I smoked, or if I drink coffee or soda. I never smoked a cigarette in my life or drank coffee and I have not had soda in about 10 years. I told him I was rinsing with Crest Pro Health every night at the recommendation of the Hygienist. He than mentioned this to the Hygienist and she stated that she heard that this was a side effect that has been found in a small percentage of users. Fortunately for me the stains where removed after a heavy cleaning. I cannot believe that Crest would sell a product that stains teeth and does not warn potential users about it. The purpose of using these products is to have nice clean and healthy looking teeth and not teeth that look like you smoke cigarettes and drink coffee and soda all day. Shame on Crest!

  24. Linda January 6th

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    I used Crest Pro-Health mouthwash for the first time a couple of days ago. Later that day it felt like I had unknowingly burned the roof of my mouth. That sensation continues, and now one side of my mouth feels as if I just had a filling and the novocaine hasn’t worn off completely – numbness in my gums, now spreading to my lips and face. I just hope this stuff hasn’t caused any permanent damage. There should definitely be some type of warning printed on the label.

  25. Athena January 14th

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    Just got back from my cleaning and I have never had staining. I just had to sit in the chair for over an hour because my teeth were that horrible. I don’t drink coffee, cola, tea, or smoke. This was 100% crest’s doing.

  26. changmin January 16th

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    I have my dental cleaning twice a year. Since I used Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash from late of 2007, my teeth were terribly stained, which both I and my dentist noticed. In October, 2009, I changed my dentist and the new hygienist told me that Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash does stain teeth and asked me to use Listerine. Since I stop using Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash, my teeth are white and are not stained anymore.

    I heard news last night about the horrible side effects of Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash. The company spokeswoman said that the stain results from dead bacteria, which indicates that Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash is working. I don’t think so. I always brush my teeth with toothpaste first, then floss, then use Mouthwash, finally, wash my teeth with waterpik (three cup of water) to get rid of the smell.

  27. Carol C. January 16th

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    Any product that causes some people to experience numbness, loss of the sense of taste, and teeth staining should carry a prominent warning label. Until that happens, I think we should all continue to spread the news about Crest Pro-“Health”. I am appalled that Proctor & Gamble continues to sell this awful product, when they are well aware of these side effects.

  28. Donna Mearns February 10th

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    about 6 months ago I too got on the computer to see why my teeth were turning black,black was around my lips and some kind of gooey green stuff was coming out of my mouth after rinsing with Crest Pro Health. I called Crest in an outrage so bad they switched me to another person to talk to. I told them I was 64 and always floss and rinse and brush my teeth at least three times a day. I also told them that I may be 64 but I would still like to keep the teeth I have! Well, I got the same runaround and explanations that everyone else got-a free battery operated toothbrush and coupons for theirproducts. I told them I wouldn’t be needingtheirproducts because I was already complaining about one of their other products. Well, then they offered me a free cleaning, which I have topay for first before being reimbursed. Do they also realize that also means ex-rays, etc.including the teeth cleaning I called my dentist and they said it would cost me at least $115.00 to start. I am retired and havetowatch every penny, so what do you do, not pay a couple billsor go to the dentist. Well I finally decided tosave up the money and have my teeth worked on but the problem is when will I have this money? What really upset me was my grandson (who we raised and is now 18) was also having the same problem. He has a medical card so it was no problem for him but hemay have to go back for a second cleaning and until we started using Crest Pro Health he had no problem because he had his teeth cleaned twice a year. I know this is a long letter but I also yold them they should put a warning on the bottle(which I dumped and saved the bottle) and it’s a good thing because they asked me for thecode on the bottle,etc. Thanks so much for listening after I finally told Crest off!

  29. Judith Anderson February 24th

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    Crest prohealth mouthwash caused horrible unsightly embarrassing stains between my teeth. I have had my teeth cleaned several extra times–thank goodness she could clean them!!! It is ridiculous to think that such a product is for sale to the public in the USA! Absolutely disgusting…..

  30. Judith Anderson February 24th

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    This Crest prohealth mouthwash is a disgusting product that has caused me anguish, time, money, and embarrassment!!!! Thank God my hygenist can clean my teeth…. I am getting charged for only the 7 bottom teeth…. The top teeth have been spared since they are veneers…. Even a reembursement would be nice…. Crest should be sued bigtime!!!!

  31. Tenzin March 20th

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    I was scared to find my teeth with terrible brown staining from Crest prohealth mouthwash!!! How should I clean it? I am full time student and don’t have insurance to clean it!!! I threw remaining bottle straight to trash!!

  32. Krystal July 19th

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    I just started using it and i noticed when i spit it out green, gooey things came out. I thought maybe it was plaque but then my tongue felt burnt and i couldnt taste. So then i stopped using it and now my tongue is fine. Something must be wrong this product.

  33. Pam August 4th

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    I had an even worse experience. I also used their enamel shield rinse and it peeled my enamel off. I loss actual pieces of my teeth. I don’t know why this product is not off the market by now

  34. Leon Forrester September 28th

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    I think you guys are full of it. I don’t believe you one bit. I have used Crest Pro-health for years now and I have wonderful results.
    You can always find A LOT OF NUTS and liars on blogs. Thousands even.
    Get a life, folks and clean your teeth twice a day if you don’t want stains!

  35. Judith Anderson September 29th

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    I wqs a victim of Crest pro health mouthwash…. My teeth made me ashamed to open my mouth when I was with my friends! I can’t believe it is on the market. My dentist declared that maybe it was a way to make people buy the white strips to clear it up…. Sounds criminal to me!!!! I had to have my teeth cleaned about every two or three weeks until we concluded what it was! All their prohealth toothpaste samples are discarded…. I would gladly shout to the public to ban any Crest products based on my unfortunate experience with the mouthwash!!!!
    I am so thankful to have back the “Ipana smile” that I had in high school years ago…. To hell with Crest!!!!

  36. Dave December 23rd

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    Dec 22, 2010 – I just got back from a full mouth debridement (major cleaning, $120) at the dentist and the hygienist told me that the severe brown stains were most likely a result of the Crest Pro-Health mouthwash (I do not drink soda, coffee, tea, or smoke, etc). She cleaned off most of the stains, but could not reach between some of my teeth. She suggested that in-office laser bleaching (sale price, $295) MAY help and also recommended using a Sonicare or electric toothbrush.
    With once a day use (for 3? months), I was almost done with the one liter bottle.
    I’m planning to call the phone number on the back of the bottle (Questions? 800-285-9139)…

  37. Tom Shaw January 10th

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    Switching from the Advanced Listerine Anticeptic mouthwash, which I have use for countless years, to the Crest Pro Health Multi-Protection mouthwash has caused me to experience the dreaded “black tongue” appearance and has also slightly yellowed my normally white looking teeth.

  38. Fragglerock March 6th

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    I’ve only used the Pro-health a handful of times, and now my tongue is black! This stuff is toxic if you ask me. Thank God I noticed it early on. What’s sad, is that Crest is still selling this garbage. There are some complaints dating back to 2007.

  39. Mae March 24th

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    I just started using the Crest Pro-Health toothpaste about a month ago. About two weeks ago my mouth started getting sores and I didn’t know why. When I was looking at my lower lip which was extremely sore, felt like I had burned it, I noticed the brown between my teeth. I didn’t know this product causes these types of problems until I looked to see if there were any side effects of the product. And now I see the problems go back a couple of years. I never had problems with other Crest regular toothpaste, just started with problems with the Pro-Health. Not really Pro-Health if it causes burns in the mouth!

  40. christine April 8th

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    I’ve been using crest pro health mouth rinses for 8 months. My teeth are stained so bad my dentist can’t remove the stains, even with high powered equipment. I’m very angry. I was trying to get my teeth and gums healthy. But now my teeth look like I chew tobacco and I don’t even smoke or drink coffee.

  41. Maria April 20th

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    I’ve recently started using this mouthwash as well, and after noticing staining on my bottom middle-teeth on a hunch I googled “crest pro health mouthwash causes yellow teeth” and this webpage came up. WOW! I’m really shocked and upset. This staining had better be removable by a dentist visit. (Skeptical? Google the phrase yourself and see!). I drink maybe half a cup of coffee every couple of days, don’t

  42. Maria April 20th

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    (sorry comment cut off)… don’t smoke, eat the way I’ve always eaten (fairly healthy but not health-nut healthy), so I know for certain it’s this Crest Pro-Health crap because that’s the only change I’ve made recently as far as what I put in my mouth (I’m also young, 26 yrs old, so my teeth are not yet naturally yellowing from age.

  43. Linda April 25th

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    It is unfortunate that the new format of this site no longer displays the older comments that include numerous reports of facial numbness, loss of the sense of taste, and mouth sores that won’t heal as a result of using Crest Pro-Health Rinse.

  44. Deb June 1st

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    Can no longer taste anything. While looking for an answer I stumbled across this and realized I started using crest pro health about 2 months ago. Hopefully this will turn around now that I will NEVER use their products again.

  45. Dave June 3rd

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    After a major dental cleaning to remove the brown stains on my teeth, I switch from Crest Pro Health Rinse to Target’s Up & Up Alcohol Free Antiseptic Mouth Rinse (with CPC). Unfortunately, the brown stains have come back. In between the switch, I used Equate’s Advanced Antiseptic Mouth Rinse (with Tartar protection, from Wal-Mart) — no brown stains.

  46. Dawn June 7th

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    Never have I been so humiliated in my life. I switched from a perfectly good brand (ACT and Equate) to try something new and this is what happened. I will now stop using any of CREST’S products, my entire house b/c this is horrible and expensive to fix. So you helped by showing me the plaque on my teeth now how do I get rid of the brown stains…

  47. Judy June 17th

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    Less than two weeks after buying the clear Pro Health my teeth are stained. Had hoped for whiter teeth and healthier mouth. Crest should have to pay for cleanings but that will never happen. I’ll stick with my Colgate, thank you. They may not be movie star white but at least that didn’t have ring around the teeth two weeks ago.

  48. Nathan July 11th

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    I’ve experienced similar staining with Crest Pro Health. Luckily, I don’t think it’s been to the same extent as some of these readers, but the brown on my teeth was embarrassing. I figured it was the rinse so I stopped using it, and waited for my six month cleaning. The dentist knew about the staining and got most of it out, but unfortunately there was still a little bit of brown in between the teeth. I switched to Listerine Total Care Plus Whitening (the purple stuff) and the stains are slowly fading away! I’m probably going to get my teeth whitened anyway, but for those of you who want alternatives, this has been working for me…so far anyway… cheap at Costco too 🙂

  49. Ash July 19th

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    I began using Crest Pro-Health dental rinse three days ago. I have not experienced staining, but I now I have red bumps on my tongue, sore gums, a metallic taste in my mouth, a numb feeling around my tongue and gums, and my taste buds are no longer functioning correctly.

    I was worried I had a serious medical issue. I have discontinued use. At the very least Crest should apply a warning to the label of their bottle. This is unacceptable.

    Thank you for hosting this site. I am glad to find that others are experiencing side effects.

  50. Stacy Scheckel August 21st

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    I am also very disappointed with Crest Pro Health mouthwash…My tongue is numb and my gums and lining of my mouth is sore and feels like it is peeling away. The flavor of the food I eat is even gone and there is this weird sensation in my mouth. I’m upset that I paid about 7 dollars for a big bottle of this product and now I am very unhappy with the product…I wish I could have my money back for it.

  51. Laurie August 25th

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    A couple of months ago my dentist told me to start using Pro Health to build the enamel on my teeth. About 2 weeks ago I noticed 2 small brown stains on one of my teeth. Now I see that I have brown stains on many of my teeth; either between the teeth or at the gumline. I just got off the phone with my dentist and he confirmed that the stannous fluoride in this product can cause brown stains! He wants me to switch to Listerine Total Care Zero which contains sodium fluoride. That’s great, but now I have to wait 5 months until my next appointment to have these polished off — if indeed they will even come off! I’m outraged that this side effect isn’t mentioned on label.

  52. Laurie August 25th

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    I just checked the label of the Pro Health Complete Rinse that I’ve been using…..turns out it contains sodium fluoride, not stannous fluoride. Now I’m really confused because my dentist told me that sodium fluoride does not cause stains!! Isn’t there any form of fluoride I can use and not have this horrible side effect?

    And to my embarrassment, the label on the Pro Health bottle does state “In some cases, rinses may cause surface staining to teeth. This is not permanent or harmful, and may be prevented by adequate brushing or removed at your next dental visit.”

  53. Tom Cavanaugh August 27th

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    I used Crest Pro-Health Complete Clear Mint Rinse for 3 days until I developed sores on the inside of my upper and lower lips, under my tongue, and on the roof of my mouth. For the next three days I’ve been rinsing with salt water and using cloroseptic to numb the pain so I could get some sleep. My dentist confirmed the inflamation on Friday, and I’m going back on Monday for another examination.

  54. Liz September 3rd

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    I lost my taste buds for about 4 months after using mouth wash , my dentist couldn’t help , I went to my regular dr, he advised me to take zinc , I did , and lord and behold , I have my taste buds back. I
    Will never buy that stuff again .

  55. Don September 7th

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    I used this mouthwash for a month in the evening. I stopped using it over a month ago and still have inflamed taste buds. It comes and goes but I’ve found I can’t eat anything that is spicy or contains vinegar because that exacerbates the irritation. Both Dr and Dentist noted the irritation. Dr. recommended using Rembrant toothpaste for cancre sore . I’ve been rinsing with salt water. I called the 800 number on the bottle to complain. They transferred me to a nurse from a group they contracted with to provide “medical help”. The lady was nice but it was quite useless. She kept apologizing and saying that she only has the information that the company gave her and she has nothing to offer based on what I told her. So we’re pretty much on our own. I would suggest anybody that had a problem call the 800 number and complain because Crest doesn’t think the number of complaints they get is significant enough to do anything about them .

  56. Laurie September 8th

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    I wanted to update my previous posts — spoke with my dentist again (after he’d done some research, I suspect) and he said it’s the cetylpyridinium in the rinse that stains the teeth. He told me to start using Listerine Zero Total Care, but I’m hesitant to try it in case it makes the problem worse. He also told me to try brushing with baking soda and -you guessed it- there’s been no improvement. I guess I’ll have to wait until my next appointment and hope they can polish off the stains, but since they’re mostly on the exposed roots where there’s no enamel I’m not too hopeful.

  57. Terri Price September 27th

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    I never used the Crest Pro-Health but I did use the 3D vivid. I lost my sense of taste and had no idea why until I came across this site and a few others. I did not have the blisters others have had but I did have the burning sensation like you had just drank something very hot. I also have the dry mouth feeling as well. My husband told me to stop using it and I did for a week or so but since my taste did not come back I started using it again but only for a couple of days thank goodness. That was when I came across these sites. It is comforting to know I am not crazy. I knew I didn’t have any other symptoms and couldn’t figure out why this was happening. I certainly hope something is done about this soon so no one else has to go through this.

  58. tom October 9th

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    Same issues with my wife. She is burned in the gums and swollen. After searching the web, tons of people have the same symptoms from Crest products. This company should be sued for the harmful products and their silence on the matter.

  59. Margaret Behling November 11th

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    I just had a dental cleaning NOV. 9, 2011. I had started using (purple label)
    Crest Pro-Health Complete with Fluoride – Alcohol Free about six to eight weeks earlier. For tooth paste I was using AIM gel. I began to wonder what was happening to severely stain my teeth brown and yellow, especially at the gum line and read the label again on the 1 L. bottle. At the very bottom of the label on the back of the bottle just above the UPC code was a warning about staining. At least this should have been in the white section of the label with the warning about swallowing the rinse. I would NEVER have bought this product if I had been aware this risk.

    I strongly disagree that this staining is not harmful! The aggressive cleaning ( which took an hour ) to remove the stains is not good for the tooth enamel and my hygienist applied fluoride varnish to help strengthen it again. The bill for my appointment was $189.00. My dentist said that he has seen enough cases of this staining problem associated with Crest Pro-Health Rinse, that he feels this product should be withdrawn from the market—-warning label or not.
    Evidently this risk of staining has been known for well over a year, and nothing has been done to investigate the cause and improve the product except for the addition of the warning statement. I intend to send what is left in my bottle to the FDA for testing. I don’t think P & G has handled this problem in a responsible manner. It looks like all they care about is their profits. Perhaps the executives at P & G need to be reminded that dental care in the USA is not cheap. If a family of 6 all developed this staining problem, it would cost them hundreds of dollars to have civil looking teeth again and many don’t have dental insurance.

    I will write to Consumer Reports Magazine regarding my very negative experience with this product and I will certainly warn my family and friends NOT to use it. Maybe if enough of us speak up, P & G will finally take some responsible action. I really believe that this is a bad product which causes more problems than it solves and it should be recalled and no longer sold. The American public deserves better treatment than this from an American company like P & G.
    I am outraged about the whole situation.

  60. Prsrz5 November 12th

    Comment Arrow

    I have had the most awful experience with this toothpaste over the past 2 week! Unbelievable mouth, tongue and lip pain. It’s as if the whole inside of my mouth was being burned daily. Very raw chapped lips and no tastebuds and a sandpaper tongue. The worst part is I am undergoing chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer and started using the toothpaste after my third treatment and blamed it on a side effect of the chemo (one I did NOT have after my first two treatments mind you). Only after researching the problem on line did I make the crest pro-health connection. How is this product still on the shelves. Horrible!

  61. Disbelief December 8th

    Comment Arrow

    Wow! I’m such an IDIOT! I should have Googled this before. I’m almost through with the liter bottle and I have brown stains between my bottom front teeth now! I noticed it a few weeks ago when it was turning yellow, but thought maybe it was the coffee I was drinking. I stopped drinking coffee and started using it MORE! OMG! I don’t have dental insurance at my new job til March, but I hope my dentist can get it off! Anybody found any remedies other than dentist?

  62. Toi1282 December 16th

    Comment Arrow

    I started using this product two weeks ago and I have white teeth now I’m noticing Brown stain between my teeth and my taste buds our so off. I’m highly upset because I want to make a dental appointment immediately because of these ugly stains.

  63. Russell February 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    I’ve been using the Crest Pro Health toothpaste and mouthwash for at least a year or more and my regular hygienist told me my teeth were doing great….”keep up the good work.” However, last week I went in for my 4 month cleaning and had a different hygienist who told me to stop using the products as it was “brown staining” my teeth. She was able to polish it off thank goodness! Bear in mind that they both work for the same dentisit and she still sent me home with the travel size Crest Pro Health toothpaste and mouthwash in my take home “goodie bag.” What’s up with that?

  64. Susanne March 3rd

    Comment Arrow

    I bought Crest’s Pro Health Rinse and used it for several days morning and evening…I stopped using it because my mouth, tongue and checks had a raw, burning sensation that was painful and I lost my sense of taste for a week.  I didn’t blame it on the Crest rinse, thinking I might have had a virus of some sort.  It took more than a week to “heal.”  I put the Crest Pro Health mouth rinse in the bathroom cabinet and weeks later,  I used it with my morning regimen. Low and behold,.the burning of my tongue, cheeks and throat began again right after the first rinse, and I have no sense of taste again.  I threw the remaining rinse out.  Hopefully there is no permanent damage.  On the bottle, Crest lists in their “Warning” section “Ask a dentist if symptoms persist or condition worsens after regular use,” but it doesn’t state “what conditions.” I’m assuming plaque reduction or gingivitis,” but they should expand their warnings  if others are posting problems.

  65. KathyC-S July 15th

    Comment Arrow

    I have had the same loss of taste, i either can’t taste anything or my favorite foods taste gross. Water even tastes metallic. It was prescribed after gum surgery so i used it for a week and was hoping my taste would come back, but it just got worse. I am really hoping it is just temporary.

  66. Bunjeebuddy May 15th

    Comment Arrow

    I haven’t experienced brown staining, but this mouthwash has caused a prolonged burning / numbing in my mouth and I think has killed my sense of taste. Everything tastes strange now – and I don’t mean right after using the product, or for a couple of hours- this has been over a week!

  67. Jaime June 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    After using this product 8 times, my tongue felt as if I had severe chemical burns. Food tastes terrible and it is very painful. It has also given me canker-like sores on my upper gums and my gumline is painful and bleeding. I did some research and found many people with the exact symptoms as mine from this product. I called the 1(800)# for Crest to report my symptoms and they offered to send me a gift card for $5.95. Oh boy, thanks! How about my dentist bills, and the fact that i cant sleep or eat from the pain? They then transfered me to a ” medical professional” who advised that I stop using it immediately because I am having a “rare and uncommon” allergic reaction. Really? Hundreds and hundreds of reviews and complaints online, and this reaction is considered uncommon? They should be ashamed.

  68. Mary July 4th

    Comment Arrow

    I am outraged at the thought that Proctor and Gamble were aware of this. I started using Crest Pro Health in May 12 and within a week my teeth were brown in between. I tried everything to remove this and today just contact my dentist after going online last night to learn this is why. I have always taken pride in my teeth and this browning is noticeable.

  69. SuingP&G July 9th

    Comment Arrow

    This is a good product if you are trying to lose weight since it makes everything you eat taste like tin foil and unappealing. Then again, if you like eating tin foil, this product may make you gain weight.

  70. lido1302 July 12th

    Comment Arrow

    I used Crest pro health clinical 4 times before going to the emergency room for a swollen jaw and neck. The pictures I took and this article are going to my attorney.

  71. Dkwhite2 July 31st

    Comment Arrow

    I used this mouth rinse twice and now I can not taste. I called the 800 number they took my information and are sending me a refund. I hope to taste again.

  72. Crystal August 10th

    Comment Arrow

    I’m so glad i googled this tonight! I just started using it and,even after rinsing it out,my tongue has been numb,everything tastes awful,I have sores in my mouth,and brown showing up in the space between my teeth. I will immediately stop using it and go back to ACT.

  73. KRay September 6th

    Comment Arrow

    I just started using it this past month. Never had problems with Listerene but this mouthwash leaves a terrible lingering metallic taste in my mouth!

  74. uncomfortably numb September 14th

    Comment Arrow

    I’ve been using this product since Sunday after my orthodontist recommended it instead of a Flouride rinse that, according to them, I didn’t even need. ( Made me question if my dentist actually cared or just wanted the thirty bucks ). Anyway, first time I used it, my tongue immediately burned to the point that after five seconds ( no joke ), I had to spit it out and my eyes were watering. At first, I figured it was killing bacteria, much like hydrogen peroxide. But, nonetheless, I went back to my orthodonist and asked, but according to her, she had never heard of someones tongue burning. So, I continued to use it, able to hold in longer till the full thirty seconds while still experiencing the burn. However, I’ve realized that a good portion of my taste is gone along with the “tongue-tingles”. Only way I can actually taste the food is through the sides of my tongue, but that only leaves me chewing my tongue more than the food… It isn’t a product I would buy again.

  75. Not Impressed October 14th

    Comment Arrow

    My husband and I have noticed brown stains between our teeth! It looks disgusting.. i was googling it and I found this site. i then looked in our cabinet and we are using the exact mouthwash why is it still being sold???

  76. RjD October 21st

    Comment Arrow

    I too have a loss of taste, and although my teeth are not discolored, my tongue is dark brown! Anyone else have this?

  77. Karen O October 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    Wow..I, too, had been experiencing a problem with brown staining on my teeth since using this product. Thankfully my dentist managed to get most of it off but I still couldn’t explain how this was happening as my diet hadn’t changed. By chance I saw a story about this product on the news and all the complaints about staining otherwise I would still be using it. I feel for people using the rinse and not making the connection of why their teeth are brown. I am stunned that this is still on the market.

  78. Comment Arrow

    My husband was having browning on his teeth suddenly and we couldn’t figure out why. He bought a dental pick to scrape it off during cleanings. Shortly after running out of the crest mouth wash they never came back….I googled it and found this. Won’t be using crest again!

  79. Brenda Stone November 30th

    Comment Arrow

    Wow, this article was posted in 2008 and this stuff is STILL on the shelves? I have been using it for a week and stopped after doing some online detective work. A few days after I started using it, my throat felt sore and I thought I was catching a cold my friend had. But I never got the head cold. But I did notice significant taste alteration, and was concerned that something was really wrong with me (taste is sensory / neurological). Then I searched the Internet, there are SO many similar complaints, how on earth do they get away with it? I hope my taste gets back to normal, this stuff is awful. DO NOT USE IT !!!!!!!

  80. Hardy Pottinger III December 30th

    Comment Arrow

    I’ve been using the “clear mint” version of Pro-Health for about a year and a half with no visible effects or numbing. I’m not going to use it anymore though because the local stores no longer seem to carry the non-tinted version, only the ones with dyes. Maybe they’re there to hide the stain?

  81. Angela December 31st

    Comment Arrow

    I’m allergic to the +50 toothpaste. It took awhile to figure what was causing the hives from head to toe. They would appear in patches in various places & itch like crazy. I was living on Benadryl for a week to keep them down. Even had them on my eyes. I have no allergies to anything so I was freaking out to suddenly have this problem. P&G better start listening to these complaints!

  82. LaureenMT January 13th

    Comment Arrow

    Wow. This stuff ruins teeth! My daughter already had some tooth discoloration that makes her self-conscious, so she has stepped up her dental care – brushing longer, flossing regularly, and then using a mouthwash I picked out for her. Now, her teeth are BROWN! Imagine my shock when I learned that customers have complained of this for at least FIVE YEARS, but the product remains on the market without change! I will be calling Crest and P&G tomorrow, asking them to pay for a dental cleaning!

  83. Chip Dixon June 2nd

    Comment Arrow

    I tried crest pro-health clinical rinse for 1/2 a bottle. it gave my mouth sores all over, burnt my tongue, and made a previously fine wisdom tooth go into such pain that I am going to an oral surgeon next week to have it taken out. Don’t buy this stuff and pour it out if you have it.. for the love of god. I never thought a mouthwash could cause such pain and misery. worse buy EVER.

  84. Florence Bogaenko April 26th

    Comment Arrow

    I developed Thrush after using a sample of Crest Pro Health from my dentist. I did not tie it into the product and the dentist sent me to my Internist who gave me a prescription. It did not cure it. My dentist then sent me to a Maxio Facial Specialist/Oral Surgeon who did a biopsy, put four stitches in my tongue, gave me three prescription and, after about 2 1/2 months it began to improve. I still did not think it could be the Crest until my sister reminded me about my brother-in-laws teeth turning black. BINGO! Unfortunately I had lost my sense of taste before the light bulb went on and had tons of expenses as a result of this product. The loss of weight was attractive but the pain and suffering were indescribable. Since P7G sells millions of bottles they surely won’t take this off the market. I would love to make them pay for the grief and worry this has caused me. My taste buds have not fully recovered and it is not almost one year!

  85. Gail Nirva Heiting June 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    I started using Crest Pro Health about 3 months ago.
    I have developed brown staining in between my teeth and the gum line. My teeth look like I chew snuff!! I am very upset and disappointed in the product. It should be taken off the market but I don’t know where to start.

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