Is it Possible to Over-Brush Your Teeth?

Brushing your teeth is an important part of keeping your mouth healthy, right? Well, it depends. It’s generally accepted within the dental community that brushing 2-3 times each day is the optimal amount of toothbrushing for reducing plaque, keeping gums healthy, etc. However, more and more dentists across the United States and several other countries are noticing a disturbing trend appropriately known as “over-brushing”.

Natural Ways to Care for your Teeth

It’s hopefully common knowledge by now that brushing and flossing your teeth(2 times daily) is a must to maintain healthy teeth. However, what many people do not know is that natural ways to maintain healthy teeth also exist. The Chicago Tribune recently wrote a wonderful article highlighting several natural ways to care for your teeth […]

7 Tips for Do-It-Yourself Dentistry

You’re probably wondering why I chose this post title since I made it very clear last week in a post that Do-It-Yourself(DIY) Dentistry is not a good idea. Well, in most cases DIY Dentistry is a terrible idea. For example, in situations where teeth need to be extracted, your gums are bleeding uncontrollably, or you […]

How to Find a Dentist

Choosing the right dentist for you and your family should involve careful consideration. As with anything, do your homework before jumping into the dentist’s chair. You wouldn’t select your family doctor without proper research, and the dentist should be no different. To make the process of finding and selecting the right dentist a little easier […]

Guide to selecting dental care products

If you’ve visited this blog in the past, you’ve probably noticed that one of this things we like to do for our visitors is provide dental care product recommendations and reviews. We make a point not to recommend just any dental care products. In fact, we evaluate every product we see before recommending it. So […]

Save Your Teeth From Tooth Decay

If you are concerned about your oral health, then you must also be concerned with what you eat says the American Dental Association(ADA). Many of us have known this all along, but what is surprising, is that sugary foods and drinks are more popular now than ever. Why this is the case is beyond the […]

Halloween To Avoid Tooth Decay This Halloween

Tammy Davenport, a dental expert over at gives us several tips for avoiding tooth decay and cavities this Halloween. Mrs. Davenports’ suggestions may seem like common sense to you and I, but we often fail to think about the importance of good oral hygiene around the Halloween Holiday. So what does Davenport suggest we […]

How Often Should I Brush My Teeth?

This is perhaps the single most-asked question in the history of dentistry. However, dental professionals, to this day, are unable to reach a consensus on the optimal brushing interval for the average person. Why? Several reasons. Acidic drink and food consumption, genetics, and environmental influences all affect the rate at which it becomes necessary for […]