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Score a FREE ProphyPal Hygiene Handpiece from Denticator

I received an e-mail today from the dental product company, Denticator, announcing an opportunity for dentists to receive a FREE ProphyPal Hygiene Handpiece (A $520 value).

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5 Great Sites to Find Free Professional Dental Product Samples

If you’re anything like me, you like to try products before you buy. This is especially important within the context of your dental practice. You want to know that the products you use on a regular basis are of high quality and safe for your patients, right? Beyond that, it’s just plain fun to play […]

Free Sensodyne Toothpaste Sample

Back in December, I wrote a post about Sensodyne giving away free samples of Pronamel toothpaste. Well, they’re at it again, but this time Sensodyne is giving away a free sample of their popular extra strength with fluoride formula. If taste matters to you, they’re going to be giving away the fresh mint flavor.

Free Biotène PBF Mouthwash Sample

In case you missed last week’s free professional dental sample giveaway, you can still request your free samples of Axis Dental products. This Week’s Free Sample This week’s free professional dental sample is Biotène PBF Plaque Biofim Dissolving Mouthwash. Biotene PBF Mouthwash is unique in that is contains a patented technology to penetrate the biofilm […]

Free Axis Dental Product Samples

This week, the professional dental product samples are provided by Axis Dental. They’re actually offering dental professionals some really cool, practical samples.

Soft Shine Professional Cosmetic Polishing Paste Sample

My dentist and dental hygienist readers are going to start to love Fridays even more because Friday is “Professional Product Sample Day” at Dental Heroes. Each Friday, I will scour the internet looking for quality professional dental products available only to dental professionals.

Free Sample of Aquafresh Extreme Clean

Aquafresh is currently offering a sample trial size of their popular Aquafresh® Extreme Clean® toothpaste. Aquafresh released this product a few years ago to address the need for a toothpaste that leaves their customers’ mouths feeling extra fresh and smelling great…

Grab your Free Flix Sticks Samples

You may remember a few weeks back that I reviewed Dr. Collins interdental cleaners. Well, for those of you who don’t know, interdental cleaners are essentially tiny brush-like “sticks” if you will, used to clean plaque and food particles out of the spaces between your teeth. They’re a great supplement to dental floss, and can break up the monotony of flossing everyday.