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Book Review: What You Should Know About Gum Disease by David Snape

If you’re a dedicated Dental Heroes reader you’ve probably noticed that I’ve yet to post a book review. Well, today’s a first in that regard. I recently had the pleasure of reading a great book by David Snape entitled, “What You Should Know About Gum Disease”. The book is actually quite different from most dental […]

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Dr. Wieder’s Original Tung-Gel Review

Do you incorporate both brushing and flossing into your daily oral hygiene routine yet still have people telling you your breath stinks? It’s really more common than you might think. So, what’s the likely culprit? Your tongue. In fact, many sources now claim that close to 50% of all bacteria in our mouth resides on […]

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Product Spotlight: Sunstar’s GUM® PerioBalance

Sunstar Americas, Inc., manufacturer of GUM® and Butler® brand products, recently released GUM® PerioBalanceâ„¢, one of the first probiotic products specifically focused on improving oral health….

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Oral-B Vitalityâ„¢ Precision Clean Power Toothbrush Review

In the most recent Dental Heroes Poll, I’ve asked you to tell me whether you prefer manual or powered toothbrushes. So far, the manual brush lovers are holding a slim lead. The fact that the majority of my readers still use manual toothbrushes could be due to a number of factors. For example, manual toothbrushes are easy to use, inexpensive, comfortable, virtually cleanup-free, etc…

TiFinity Toothbrushâ„¢ Product Review

I can’t think of any product in recent years that I have been more excited to review than the TiFinity Toothbrushâ„¢ by TiFinity Oral Care Inc. Why? Simple. The TiFinity Toothbrushâ„¢ is unlike any other toothbrush on the market today. The differences are both numerous, and distinct…

StarSmileZ Plak-Posse Palz Review

It has been a little while since my last product review, so I figure I’m about due. Like most of my past product reviews, I was contacted by a company rep interested in having their product reviewed. On this particular occasion, I was contacted by a rep at Paragon International, which is a company that develops and distributes oral health training products. Since I haven’t reviewed any teaching aids in the past, I figured this would be a great item to share with you – so the rep was nice enough to ship the product to me…

Dr. Collins All White Toothpaste Review

The following is a description and some features of Dr. Collins All White Toothpaste according to the Dr. Collins website:

…Wine, coffee and soda may taste great, but they can leave unattractive surface stains on your teeth. The All White Whitening Toothpaste, with its uniquely developed formula comprised of Xylitol and Peroxide, reduces plaque formation and helps whiten stained teeth…

Dr. Collins Perio Toothbrush Review

According to their website, the Dr. Collins Perio Toothbrush penetrates the areas between teeth and gums removing plaque and food particles, while gently massaging gums without pain and bleeding. It gives you cleaner teeth, healthier gums and saves tooth enamel from abrasion…