Free Biotène PBF Mouthwash Sample

In case you missed last week’s free professional dental sample giveaway, you can still request your free samples of Axis Dental products.

This Week’s Free Sample

This week’s free professional dental sample is Biotène PBF Plaque Biofim Dissolving Mouthwash. Biotene PBF Mouthwash is unique in that is contains a patented technology to penetrate the biofilm present on your teeth and kill colonies of bacteria and germs. This means that not only will the mouthwash freshen breath, but it will also whiten teeth.

Biotène PBF Mouthwash Features

  • With Xylitol
  • Patented enzymes dissolve plaque biofilm that can lead to tartar and gum disease
  • Freshens breath up to 6 times longer
  • Biotène’s LP3 salivary enzymes strengthen the natural antibacterial system in saliva
  • Brings out the natural whiteness in teeth
  • Removes excessive bacteria naturally

How to Request Free Sample

To request your free sample of Biotène PBF Mouthwash, simply register with RDH Magazine, and fill in the appropriate sample request form.

Your Thoughs

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Reader Comments

  1. Carol Reinke May 21st

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    I am the nursing supervisor for a hematology -oncology office and often have patients buy biotene products to help dry mouth during chemotherapy. We get wonderful feedback and patient satisfaction. do you have patient starter kits that we could hand out to our patients? Thank you for your help.
    Carol Reinke

  2. drdental May 21st

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    Carol – Thanks for the feedback regarding Biotene products. Unfortunately, Dental Heroes is not affiliated with Biotene in any way. Therefore, it would be best to contact Biotene directly with your request. Good luck!

  3. dr.rajnish July 30th

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  4. judika vargas February 20th

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    I love your biotene mouthwash and toothpaste it would be nice if you would send me some coupons that would make me happy thank you judika

  5. Cristin Vautour April 24th

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    Doing a fund-raiser for cancer patients and would like to see if you would donate some samples to put in their care packages! Thank you so much

  6. Cory Kemp May 3rd

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    Hi Cristin, I would love to help, but, Dental Heroes is not affiliate with Biotene. You can contact them directly here:

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