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Wealth Barriers: 6 Reasons People Do Not Achieve Wealth

Have you achieved the wealth you desire? Maybe you have set goals and developed plans to achieve those goals, but for some reason you fell short…

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Does Good Debt Exist in the Dental Practice?

We know debt can be destructive. Can it also be good? Ken Runkle evaluates five forms of dental practice debt, revealing whether it is good debt or bad debt…

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Seven Steps to Move From Scarcity to Plenty

Why do some doctors thrive while others struggle? For years I have observed that doctors who thrive are different – not just operationally, logistically, clinically, or in other professional areas. They think differently. They talk differently. They are different…

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7 Steps to Achieving Your Goals Every Time

Is there a foolproof way to achieve your big goals? For more than two decades I have personally watched practices set big goals and work toward achieving those goals…

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10 Numbers Every Dentist Should Know

Below is a brief overview of ten critical numbers every dentist should know, monitor and graph every year. The goal is to see them grow over the course of your career as you measure your overall

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Does Your Practice Possess the 7 Habits of Referability?

Does your practice have a continuous flow of new patient referrals? Do all team members maximize every opportunity to point new patients to your practice? Are you meeting your monthly new patient referral goals? ..

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7 Key Leadership Traits for a Successful Dental Practice

Great leadership fuels great dental practices. In well over two decades of helping surviving practices become thriving practices, one common theme has emerged. There is a proven and direct relationship between leadership and success…

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How to Create a Principle-Based Dental Practice

What does your staff do when you’re not watching? Are they making cell phone calls, surfing the internet, reading celebrity gossip magazines, sleeping, etc… We have heard story after story of staff members finding creative ways to get out of producing more dentistry for the practice. If this is your staff, you know that you […]