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8 Jaw-Dropping Dental Logos

An important component to any effective branding campaign is a great logo. You’ve probably noticed that most dental logos look alike – creating little or no differentiation from one practice to the next. Sure, the logo is only one way you can differentiate yourself from the competition. However, you have to consider that potential patients are likely to see your logo before they ever make contact with you. First impressions are everything. Don’t blow your opportunity to bring in new patients because your logo sucks.

The 8 jaw-dropping dental logos below stand out from the crowd and create a favorable first impression.

1. Country Living Dentistry

Country Living Dentistry

2. Robin Rutherford, DDS

Robin Rutherford, DDS

3. Innovative Family Dental Health

Innovative Family Dental Health

4. Creative Dental Care, P.A.

Creative Dental Care

5. City Dental

City Dental

6. Huzur Oral & Dental Health Center

Huzur Oral & Dental Health Center

7. Garden City Dental

Garden City Dental

8. Dental Edge

Dental Edge

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Are you aware of any other jaw-dropping dental logos that should be added to the list? Let us know where we can see it in a comment below.

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  1. Dentist Daytona Beach December 1st

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    Those are awesome logos! i totally agree with this. creative logos can definitely attract new patients. Thanks for posting this article. You made some good points there. It’s well written and helpful.

  2. Manan December 6th

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    Brilliant stuff and thanks for the compilation!

  3. Sharon Beavers December 6th

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    Check out Dwight J. Beavers, DDS, PA

  4. Emergency Dental January 5th

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    These are some brilliant logos. My favorite out of them all is Innovative Family Dental Health.

  5. childrens dentist January 5th

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    Most dentist’s logos are lame or tacky tooth graphic. These logos however are simply amazing.

  6. Comment Arrow

    nice collection. will suggest this to dental solutions. πŸ™‚

  7. Carrie Lowe December 23rd

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    nice collection. will suggest this to dental solutions. πŸ™‚

  8. aarak dental art lab April 11th

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    I need adesign for aarak dental art lab,

  9. Lyn October 31st

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    Is it possible to find out which companies designed these logos?

  10. dentalheroes November 18th

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    Lyn, I can look into it for you. I imagine it would take a little investigative work, however. One great place to find talented logo artists, whom are able to produce comparable work is a website called, Perhaps check that out when you have a moment.

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