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7 Offline Marketing Methods for Your Dentist Office

The following is a guest post by Brian Gumz. If you are interested in guest posting for Dental Heroes, please sign up here.

Offline Marketing Still Works

Most dentists today need to focus on online marketing, which is logical, but offline marketing can also be extremely important. There are many forms of offline marketing that have worked for years and still work today:

1. Reward Your Regulars

Some dentists have patients that have gone to them for years, perhaps because they’ve become friends, or maybe just out of habit. To thank these patients and to inspire them to refer you to others, reward their faithfulness: give them a one year anniversary free cleaning or a discount on teeth whitening after two years, or even send a simple hand-written thank you card.

2. Referral Programs

Most people ask around before going to a new dentist, so a good referral program is a solid advertising method. If your patients get discounts for referring friends, they do it more often. If a patient does refer you, show your appreciation and thank them sincerely.

3. Post Flyers

Putting your flyers on community boards at different stores, restaurants, or cafes is especially helpful if you have a promotion that will catch the eye of thrifty shoppers who are always looking for a good deal.

4. Local Magazines/Community Newspapers

Choose magazines that cater to the kind of client you are hoping to serve. Think about taking out a Sunday newspaper ad when clients have more time to browse the paper. Use images that will draw in the reader and highlight your friendly practice.

5. Direct Mail

Many dentists have found that after trying other avenues that direct mail works the best and is very cost-effective. It is a proven method for dentists to stay connected to their patients in a personal way.

6. Local TV News

Local TV News: If you are using a new dental technique, tell the local TV news so they can interview you, or film the procedure at your office. It is a great way to get free, local exposure and highlight your latest methods.

7. Join Local Business Organizations

The local chamber of commerce is the perfect place to start, as well as any other groups that can help you network and get your name out with other business leaders in the area.


Try different marketing approaches each month to see which one works best for your dental practice. Once you find one that works, be ready for the calls to start coming in and make room in your schedule for new patients.

Your Thoughts

What offline marketing methods do you use? Which are effective for you? Which aren’t? Please share your thoughts in a comment below.

Brian wrote this article with the advice and consent of Dr. Jonathan Quillian. Dr. Quillian is one of the leading Texas cosmetic dentists and has operated his own practice at Culebra North Dental Care in San Antonio, Texas for over thirty years.

Reader Comments

  1. dentalheroes June 16th

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    Michael, thanks for the great tips. I especially like #3. Nothing builds a two-way relationship with your patients (and creates long-term patients) like demonstrating that you care.

  2. dentalheroes June 16th

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    Couldn’t agree more, Ken. I’ve always been a fan of not trying to do everything yourself. It’s hard to scale your business that way, right? So, don’t be afraid to leverage the expertise of others in your practice.

    As you said, it’s critical that the right joint venture partners are selected to make such an arrangement work.

  3. BARON & COMPANY November 7th

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    Creating local events is also a great an often a very effective way to meet people and get more patients into your dental practice. Remember events do not have to be spectacular and expensive. Not l all!

    Try being creative and think out of the box with a small budget for starters. Good luck 🙂

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