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6 Newsletter Marketing Tips for Your Dental Practice

The following is a guest post by Steve Klinghoffer of WPI Communications, Inc. If you are interested in guest posting for Dental Heroes, please sign up here.

Newsletter Marketing Tips

Newsletter marketing may seem easy, but many dental practices don’t achieve the success they seek in terms of new and repeat patients. I have been helping dentists successfully market their practices with newsletters for decades. Here are six newsletter marketing tips to help your newsletter marketing program be as successful as possible:

1. Be Consistent

For newsletters to be effective, they must be used consistently. If your newsletters are high quality and feature useful content, your readers will become accustomed to receiving them. They’ll even look for them. Building this loyalty takes time, but it’s worth it. It’s critical for dental practices like yours to stay in front of your readers—whether they be patients or referring dentists—and remind them of the services you provide.

2. Maintain your high standards

Your newsletter is a reflection of your dental practice. Make sure it looks professional and is full of high-quality content that reiterates your expertise. Focus on the details and pay attention to quality, so that each issue reflects your high standards.

3. Measure your results

The only way to know how effectively newsletters are working is to measure results. But this is a struggle for many dental practices. Your staff may ask questions about how new patients have found your practice, but you should establish a formal, repeatable process and record your results in one place. This data will be critical to planning and implementing your ongoing marketing efforts. eNewsletters, of course, provide significant analytics on readership.

4. Use a Great List

Some dental practices make the mistake of only sending their newsletter to their “best” patients or referral sources. This tactic excludes those who could become your best. If you’re targeting referral sources, remember that your content can influence referring dentists, pediatricians or other health care providers to work with your practice. Also, be sure your list is updated at least annually. I see too many professionals distribute newsletters to out-of-date lists. This is ineffective and costly. On most mailing lists, 10% to 20% of addresses are inaccurate after one year.

5. Get more out of your newsletters with social media

I’ve found that an increasing number of dental practices are repurposing their newsletter content on their Web sites and Facebook pages. By enabling the sharing of information and fostering interaction, social media extends the value of your newsletters. I invite you to download a free report that I recently published, Complete Guide to Marketing Your Professional Practice on Facebook.

6. Don’t go it alone

Newsletter marketing can be very difficult, even tedious, work. But there’s help out there. Choose a high-quality provider dedicated to excellent content and professional newsletter distribution. Look at samples of their work, the articles they publish, their client list and their experience in your industry.

Learn More

To learn more about how to successfully market your dental practice with newsletters, and receive additional newsletter marketing tips, check out our Newsletter Marketing Tips Web site or feel free to call me at 800-323-4995 or e-mail me at

Your Newsletter Marketing Tips

Do you have any newsletter marketing tips to share with other Dental Heroes’ readers? What tactics have you found particularly successful in your dental newsletter marketing efforts? Please share them in a comment below.

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