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5 Things You Must Do to Create a Friendly Dental Office

The following is a guest post by Dr. Louis P. Bosse, of Greenspoint Dental. If you are interested in guest posting for Dental Heroes, please sign up here.

The word “dentist” brings fear and trembling to many people. That’s why it’s vital to have a welcoming office, so that your clients will feel safe and want to return. Here are some tips to make your patients feel at ease in your office.

1. Hire a Friendly Office Manager

The person sitting at the front desk will give patients the first impression of your entire office. Interview as many candidates as you can and choose the one who will make every patient feel comfortable and at home the moment they step in the door.

2. Introduce Everyone

Make sure the office manager, dental hygienist, dental assistant, and anyone who will be working with the patient, introduces themselves to the patients. For returning patients, ensure every staff member greets patients by name. The patients will feel like they are seeing a friend, and new patients will notice and sense the warm atmosphere.

3. Make Gentle Contact with Patients

Give them a handshake and let that be your first contact with them, even better if they are still in the waiting room. This first friendly gesture makes them feel more at ease once you are clinically touching them in the dentist’s chair. Also, as you start examining them, be slow and confident in your movements so patients feel you are being gentle.

4. Give Patients Control

Patients many times feel like they have no control when they are with their dentist or dental hygienist. Before starting the exam, sit with your patients, without your mask and gloves, and chat with them. Ask how you can help them, if they have any dental fears, etc. Let them share any problems or issues so they can have a say in their dental work. Then explain in detail what you will be doing to help them, so they will be more understanding of the procedures you perform.

5. Details Matter

There are habits you or your staff may be doing that affect your patients negatively, such as eating food that leaves bad breath, or even standing with your arms crossed in an unfriendly manner. Even if you are the best dentist and have great personnel, these odors and appearances can give your patients distaste for being near you or your staff.

Always tell your staff and yourself to think how you would want to be treated as a patient and do the same for those who enter your hospitable office.

How do you create a friendly dental office?

Give us your tips for creating a friendly dental office in a comment below.

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  1. Jeannine_L May 1st

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    All great tips, Dr. Bosse! Our staff has observed in other offices the poor choice of the staff openly commenting negatively to each other about their schedules and desired or required days off, and talking with each other negatively about another staff member. This type of overheard conversation is inappropriate and unprofessional.

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    I would also suggest that a dental office should be child friendly. Going to the dentist is a child’s scariest moment and that holds true to some adult too. It is just right that dental clinic staff should be friendly.

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