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5 Great Sites to Find Free Professional Dental Product Samples

If you’re anything like me, you like to try products before you buy. This is especially important within the context of your dental practice. You want to know that the products you use on a regular basis are of high quality and safe for your patients, right? Beyond that, it’s just plain fun to play with new products, especially when they’re free! For these reasons I put together a list of five websites where you can request free dental product samples – available only to dental professionals.

5 Websites with Free Sample Offers

1. Efficient Dental Technologies™

Efficient Dental Technologies

Efficient Dental Technologies™ is offering a number of free product samples to dental professionals, including: EZ-CROWN™ & NU-CROWN™ temporary crown kits, NU-CORE™ crown build-ups, NU-BLOCK™ U-shaped mouth props, TEMP TRAY™ impression trays and the TrioDent™ composite restoration system.

To order complimentary samples, fill in the Efficient Dental Technologies™ sample request form.

2. AXIS Dental Corporation

Axis Dental

AXIS Dental Corporation currently offers 4 free product samples to licensed dental practitioners. This includes: UltraGloss™ composite polisher, Diamond-Zyme™ cleaning solution, NTI® Turbo Diamonds and QwikStrip™ Serrated Strips.

To order complimentary samples, fill in the AXIS Dental Corporation sample request form.

3. AllPro, Inc

AllPro Dental

AllPro, Inc., offers dental professionals the opportunity to request a large number of samples – 18 in all. The extensive selection includes: instrument cleaners, prophy paste, prophy brushes, disposable protective eyewear and much more…

To order complimentary samples, fill in the AllPro, Inc. sample request form.

4. Water Pik, Inc.


Water Pik, Inc. is currently offering licensed dental care practitioners a free trial pack of Waterpik™ UltraThin 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish.

To order a complimentary trial pack, fill in the Water Pik, Inc. sample request form.

5. Dux Dental

Dux Dental

DUX Dental offers a number of free product samples including: PeelVue+ sterilization pouches, Lubricoat lip and skin emollient,
Lubricoat, Identic Fast-Set Alginate and several other quality products.

To order complimentary samples, fill in the Dux Dental sample request form.

Any others?

Do you know of other companies currently offering samples to dental professionals? Please share in a comment below.

Reader Comments

  1. Estella Contreras December 14th

    Comment Arrow

    I’d like to try your product, Advanced toothpaste. I already use the detergent and I really like the outcome.

  2. peggy holley February 17th

    Comment Arrow

    i never try armandhammer before i would like to try it.thank you.

  3. Paola March 10th

    Comment Arrow

    I found another site that has a promo code to try GUM Soft-Picks. Check it out at

    The product is use for removing food and as an alternative to flossing.

  4. MELISSA SLATE June 3rd

    Comment Arrow

    I use another whitening toothpaste,but have never tried armandhammer. I do have sensative teeth and have never been able to find the right toothpaste that works for both. Also, my my child has soft enamel and i can’t find a product that works to strengthen her teeth.(she is four)

  5. YDK August 9th

    Comment Arrow is a site to join for dental professionals. Sign up, sign-in & request free Sensodyne, Aquafresh, Biotene & Pronamel samples….

    They will ask for a dental liscense state & number to verify you ARE a dentist. Once they verify your info you are good to go….


  6. Just_Me August 9th

    Comment Arrow

    Re: Melissa Slate

    Try Pronamel for Kids and/or Sensodyne

  7. Kathleen Steedly September 23rd

    Comment Arrow

    I would like to enter a program, so I could Receieve Some Free Samples. I use Biotene Spray, Mouthwash, & Gum. Please Help Me If Possible.

  8. Karen Wiltshire February 10th

    Comment Arrow

    I would love to try a sample of Arm and Hammer whitening toothpast. Can you please tell me how to get one?

  9. bobbi allen March 7th

    Comment Arrow

    I would love 2 try armandhammer toothpaste. Tell me how 2 retrieve it. Thanks.

  10. zack August 9th

    Comment Arrow

    wow free

  11. zack August 9th

    Comment Arrow

    i love free samples

  12. Carol OHanlon September 4th

    Comment Arrow

    give up on trying to get free arm and hammer toothpaste sample can’t get it sends you somewhere else

  13. Cory Kemp September 5th

    Comment Arrow

    Unfortunately, it’s the Arm and Hammer site that is redirecting you, not You can type into your web browser to view this offer.

  14. Dentalsuppliesaccount November 18th

    Comment Arrow for endo samples 🙂

  15. nancy January 5th

    Comment Arrow

    always the same samples year after year

  16. Anonymous January 8th

    Comment Arrow

    Dr. Varma. This is an old post. As such, we haven’t been regularly updating the offers found herein. We do, however, plan to publish a new post in the near future with brand new sample offers.

  17. Dr. Varma January 5th

    Comment Arrow

    same things for a very long time, why don’t you ever change

  18. Anonymous January 8th

    Comment Arrow

    Dr. Varma. This is an old post. As such, we haven’t been regularly updating the offers found herein. We do, however, plan to publish a new post in the near future with brand new sample offers.

  19. Whitesmile June 28th

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    Hi Thr, I would like to include my site to your free sample sites list. We do ship free samples in USA. Check it out and please add it too! Thanks, Mark

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