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5 Great Dental Charities You Should Know About

Hey, I told you previously that I’m a sucker for good causes, and the fantastic dental charities that I’ve listed below are no exception. Sadly, the ironic thing about our poor economy is that more people are in need of these charities’ services than ever before, yet fewer people are in a position to ensure that these charities remain funded. In any event, I believe it is important that we’re aware of these charities so they’re more accessible to those in need. Without further ado, here’s the list:

1) The National Children’s Oral Health Foundation

National Children's Oral Health Foundation

The National Children’s Oral Health Foundation “is the only independent non-profit national children’s health organization exclusively focused on supporting delivery of comprehensive oral healthcare for economically disadvantaged children(”. Their 10-year plan includes educating and screening 20+ million children, and treating $5 million of those throughout the U.S. and globally.


2) American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation (AACDCF)

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation

The AACDCF is quite unique in that a portion of their mission is dedicated to providing dental care services at no cost to survivors of domestic abuse. You’ll also see the AACDCF providing much-needed dental work to victims of natural disasters. If you use Twitter, you can follow them (@TheAACD). I follow them myself – real good people.


3) Healthy Smiles Healthy Children

Healthy Smiles Healthy Children

Founded in 1987 by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Healthy Smiles Healthy Children’s mission is to “support and promote education, research, service and policy development that advance the oral health of infants and children through adolescence, including those with special health care needs(”


4) National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped (NFDH)

National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped
The NFDH is a charitable affiliate of the American Dental Association that’s dedicated “to arranging comprehensive dental treatment and long-term preventive services to needy disabled, elderly or medically compromised individuals through a national network of direct service programs that involve
more than 12,900 volunteer dentists and 2,700 volunteer laboratories(” The NFDH claims to provide $15 of dental services for every $1 they spend!


5) Oral Health America

Oral Health America
Oral Health American differs from the other organizations on this list because their primary focus is advocacy. Their mission is “to improve public health by eliminating oral disease, especially for the country’s most vulnerable citizens. OHA works to accomplish this by educating and empowering communities to provide access to care, and by advocating for policies that create oral health parity(” Over the years, Oral Health America has been responsible for a number of notable oral care awareness programs including: National Smile Month; the National Spit Tobacco Education Program (NSTEP); Smiles Across America®; the Special Olympics Special Smiles.


Share Others You’re Aware Of

I realize that this list is just scratching the surface. There are hundreds of charitable organizations with similar goals making a difference in people’s lives every day. That’s where I could use your help. If you know of others that Dental Heroes’ readers should check out, please leave the name of the organization and their website address(if applicable) in a comment below. Thanks!

Reader Comments

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    You are one among the real Heroes. You have don’t wonderful job in dental care for charities.. Keep continuing this.. Not many people have good heart to care for charity dependent children and people.

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    Thank you for sharing the charities. I will use them in my work with people who need care but can not afford it.

  3. Jessica January 26th

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    Im a dental assistant in long island and i was wondering if you know of any charities looking for volunteer assistants. i would really like to donate my time to great causes like these.

  4. Joan March 1st

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    I am in need of an oral surgeon. I have a cyst in my mouth. I’ve had a quote of $1800 to remove it. My husband is unemplyed at the moment and I work part time. We have no insurance and no money. Does anyone have any ideas where I can go to get help? I checked into Sharing and Caring hands, and it’s almost impossible to get in there. Thank you

  5. Julie June 16th

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    The American Dental Association’s Give Kids a Smile program is another great dental charity. Nationwide they sponsor a dental health care event for low income children in February. Local chapters sponsor events throughout the year.

  6. Shauna Duty July 7th

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    Working with dental charities is a philanthropic responsibility for privileged dental professionals, and it also poses a good opportunity to let potential patients know that your practice is genuinely concerned about global health.

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    These look like terrific causes. So many people are living without the basics.

  8. Julie August 27th

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    Hi, I’m a 27 year old unemployed US citizen. I’ve been unemployed for months and don’t have any type of coverage. I just discovered 4 cavities. One is huge! My mouth is starting to hurt and I don’t know where to go in order to get rid of them without spending my money for food or the little I pay for rent. Can anyone help me please?

  9. Bob Wright September 11th

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    Thanks for putting this site together. I’d like to add another organization that serves special needs children and adults. For more than 35 years the Threshold Center for Autism has been a behavioral health provider for this population. Two years ago we opened a medical and dental clinic to serve these families. These are the true “between the cracks population. They are either too young… too old… too violent… too at risk… too hard… or too dangerous. The risk to reimbursement ratio is upside down and who wants to take a chance on a career ending injury or place thousands of dollars of instruments at risk? Our mission is to fill the gaps where we can and partner with others when we can’t.

  10. Delmy November 9th

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    I am a low income woman with several dental problems. a feel depress because I can afford a treatment and I can eat properly. I am looking for a place to helpme. please if you know some one in Toronto letme know. I am desperate

  11. mary February 15th

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    I am a 53 year old lady in need of some desperate dental work. 3 years ago i suffered from a brain aneurysm, and became unemployed. Unable to receive disability or unemployment due to gov. red tape. Since that time i am unable to keep up my oral care. I have a partial right in front that i have had since i was 15, needless to say i have outgrown it. My fillings are just as old and falling out. I need a kind generous dental charity to help me before i am toothless in florida. I am asking the god almighty for your help.

  12. Mary February 21st

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    Hi, I am writing to get help from any dentist that can help me out. I am a female who recently over a few yrs. who suffer from a brain aneurysm an became disable i am so unhappy with myself because am depress from my looks since it happen. My mouth is so terrible that i dont like to smile because of my teeth is there any dentist that can help me with dental implants so i can go out in the world and socialize with other without being asame of myself I cant have a relationship with anyone because of my teeths some people talk about me saying that am a nice looking person but need something done about my mouth please help me someone,because some times i feel like given up,but out of all of these things any a good person at heart. Thank You to any dentist that will help or work out this problem that am asking for help.Some of my family members think am crazy for think that some dentist will help me.But as they say knock on some door an one will but open for you and also ask and you will receive,and I am a believer an I believe that there is a dentist that will answer my pray because god know am not a bad person an I do believe he didnt leave me make it from a stroke for no reason he left me here to be an ex: for others,so please help me someone Thank You

  13. Julie February 25th

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    I am 44 yo female that has had a dental PHOBIA since I was a little kid. I am now missing 8 teeth- 2 in the front just extracted/ one broke off. Have searched the country and acnnot find anyone to help- I am a low-income healthcare worker with very little money and no insurance. My self esteem and confidence is GONE and am considering suicide because of my appearance and the fact noone wants anything to do with a person with so many missing teeth (I am a VERY social person/people person).

  14. Lisa March 1st

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    I am a single 30 year old mother with 2 boys and i am currently unemployed. i have had alot of my back teeth pulled because i can not afford to get them fixed. the teeth i have left are all broken. I am not happy and always depressed about my teeth. I never smile. Can anybody help! I was hospitalized with bacterial meningitis a year in a half ago and I got it from an absessed tooth. I dont want to die from bad teeth. Any suggestions on where to find help!

  15. Tonya Lovelace March 31st

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    i had a severe wreck 3 yrs ago and lost my front teeth. is ther anyone who can help me get false teeth? i hate to look in the mirror,i want go out to eat.i hide from everyone. Please Help.

  16. carmen May 29th

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    Hello ,
    I am writing because I have a good friend who needs help. We live in Illinois.
    My friend lost her job several months ago and is having a tough time finding a
    new one. Soon after she lost her job and her insurance was cancelled, she had
    one of her tooth implants fall out and now she is missing a tooth but several of
    her teeth have holes, a couple have the nerve exposed and one has broken off all
    the way and she has some of her bone exposed. I worry about her so much. she is
    in pain constantly and also, I know her dental problems have to be causing other
    undiagnosed medical issues…not to mention depression and anxiety. Please help!
    We have searched and searched and can’t find help anywhere. We really can’t
    afford to pay for her dental care and I don’t know how she can keep on living
    this way.

  17. Paula L. McElroy August 28th

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    Hello, I’m writing because I’m in need of dental help. I am having trouble eating, it is painful; it’s difficult forming words when talking ; my facial structure is off-set due to so many teeth missing. It is so embarrassing speaking face to face to people; most everyone I speak with are drawn to look into my mouth. Family has told me how bad it looks and that I need to get my teeth fixed; my children express such sympathy and understanding. My health is being threatened by infection, cloudiness shown in my eyes and around them. I’ve had problems obtaining employment due to avoidance to hire someone with missing teeth in the front;even when I was practically hired, I was turned down. I can’t find anyone to hire me and no other way to support myself by income, also no dental insurance. I have recently met someone by phone who may possibly be towards marriage in the future, but this ordeal of my teeth may be a total turn off for him. I am hoping you can finally help me; I’ve almost forgotten how it is to freely grin or freely laugh without extreme precaution.

  18. Dr Gene Caiafa September 13th

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    This is a great list of charities. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Elizabeth October 18th

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    I am a 58 year old female and I am disabled with back problems. I fell and hit my mouth which two upper teeth came out and others are loose. I am in alot of pain and I can only eat soft foods. Is there a Dentist out there that can help me? Please, I just don’t know what to do. Please help me.

  20. Pra2005_in November 20th

  21. Betty Kearney December 4th

    Comment Arrow

    Betty Kearney

    I am in need for a dentist. I have broken off teeth and my gums begin to bleed when i brush them. I done have any insurance. self-employed. Can someone help me. I will to make a payment plan I am in good health and don’t want mouth to cause a sickness for me,

  22. carrie February 20th

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    I am in need for a mentally handy caped fella I take care of. I am not his guardian just his care giver. I took him to a dentist and he needs surgical extractions as his teeth have broken to the gum line and then he needs dentures. I don’t know where to turn his guardian and I have managed TO SAVE 1,750 to give to the dentist that can help us, but that is all we have.

    Please if you can help us help him my e-mail is    halfmoonmastiffs@aol:disqus .com
    My name is Carrie

    Thank you

  23. Allenbbarnesjr February 29th

    Comment Arrow

    my name is allen im 25 and for the last 10 ears ive been fighting with trying to get my mouth fixed ive tried everything now my newest estimate for my mouth is 12000 and i barley make 1000 a month i am looking for any assistance that i can get ijust want my life back i havnt been on a date in 5 years i cant get abetter job cause nobody wants to hire the guy with the messed up teeth and the way things are going itll be anther five years before i can start my life so if theres anyone willing or knows of a charity that will help please let me know at thankyou

  24. Shannon_pert May 14th

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    i have a lot of dental work that needs to be done and i have insurance through my work but it covers barely anything.  I’m terrified to go to the dentist because my mouth is in horrible shape.  I live in New Smyrna beach Florida but I din’t even know where to start looking for someone who can do all the dental work I need done and take payments.  I want my healthy smile back.  Is there anything you recommend?

  25. Georgia May 24th

    Comment Arrow

    I am looking for dental charities that help low income adults, that provide very low cost or free treatment in southern California. There are many who help children…who helps adults. I wolud like to keep my health and my smile for my grand daughter.

  26. Jorge June 20th

    Comment Arrow

    Hello my name is jorge iam from virginia I have broken teeth I been looking every where for help.. If any dentist or person have the good feeling to help. God will bless you.

  27. Karen July 24th

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    I am looking for a charity that excepts donations of dental products and equipment. My father in law has passed away and we would like to donate items. Any suggestions?

  28. September 6th

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    I am 26 yrs old i have very bad teeth an am horrified to go to the dentist my health coverage barely covers anything jus want to smile again an not be in pain or go hungry cause it hurts to eat im a mother of 3 trying to be out of pain for my health is very hard ti find a dentist with low payment plan for
    My budget any suggestions please thx i live in irving texas.

  29. edwards October 30th

    Comment Arrow

    I am 62 years old and live off of my SS. My bones in my mouth are deterioting and I have to have surgery so that dentures will fit my mouth and this is going to cost $2500. that I don’t have and have no way of getting. Where can I go to get help

  30. Billie Jo November 4th

    Comment Arrow

    I am in desperate need of oral surgery I have top teeth that have broke off at the gums i have insurance but dont pay much so i am in constant pain all the time and cant eat much please can anyone help me i am located in portage in

  31. Janice January 2nd

    Comment Arrow

    I lost my job 7 years ago and have been taking care of my mother. My daughter, me my son and husband all need affordable dental care. We have no insurance and our teeth are literally are rotting out, regardless of brushing. I asked a dentist a few years ago if we could pay in advance for procedures, pay a little at a time and when it builds up have a procedure done. The dentist said alright then said no, I want to save as many teeth as possible. I live in southeastern Arizona in a small town. I am crying as I type this. Please help me and my family. We are not deadbeats! There are no jobs here. I am desperate! I already have heart disease and am afraid it is going to get worse because of my teeth. Thank you! And just to let people know we are not deadbeats we took out a $15,000.00 loan 8 years ago to pay off my in-laws debts after my mother-in-law passed away. We are still paying that loan off. Everybody came before us. Now we need help. Bless you.

  32. Zannah P Becker January 26th

    Comment Arrow

    Anyone in dire need of dental work that is not able to pay
    for it should try this charity:

    You have to provide proof of need via documentation and any
    other proof they require. You apply and if approved then your application is
    added to their pool of applications people can donate too. If enough people
    donate to your application then your need is funded. It might not work for
    everyone but it is something. I don’t work for them but donate to them when I
    can and I always encourage people to try this avenue. I know there are not a
    lot of options out there to get help with your teeth and it is so awful to
    suffer dental pain and disfiguration.

  33. Venus Hornsby January 26th

    Comment Arrow

    Hello to anyone out there who can help with my dental problem will not only help my apperance but save my life. About three years ago my tooth eroded in the very front of my mouth. I thought I would just shove my whole head into the ground. It is broken off and still there,with saying there is no smiling for me and this have affected my whole life. Now I will not pursue a job in customer service where I once thrive. It affects my relationship with my children and being present with out feeling like an embrassment to them. What it has done to my life is heart breaking to say the least. When I lost my tooth a bad smell also followed causing me to brush more than normal. I also use to other things like gum and pepper mint only making the situation worst. There are also other broken tooth in my mouth as well to add to the problem. I also have acid reflux and problems with my saliva glands which I feel aides in the tooth erosion. Right now I am a single mom of three who has just been freed from an abusive situation. I can’t afford the expensive work that needs to be done on a fix income. I would love to have my health and my smile back so I can confidently put my life back together. If you have any suggestions or recommendation please contact me via email…NEED MY LIFE BACK

  34. Pamela Crowl June 3rd

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    I am a 51 yr old single woman desperately in need of dental work. I work part-time in a gas station for minimum wage and barely make enough to cover my living expenses. I would really sincerely appreciate any help I could get to cover the costs of my dental needs. I am even willing to make low monthly payments to reimburse who ever could help me out. Since I work in the public and am very socialable it hurts me that I am too embarrassed to smile because of my problem. Here’s hoping for help!!

  35. Margaret Presmyk September 27th

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    I’m a 35 year old mother of three and I would give anything to smile and laugh without feeling insecure of my missing and failing teeth. I can’t remember a time in my life where my teeth haven’t caused me physical or emotional pain. In May I will be the first person in my entire family to graduate from college and I would give anything to be able to smile.

  36. Angela H. October 6th

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    I am looking for help with dental work. I have a lot going on with my teeth and I have no insurance but I need work done. I have a limited income as I am a single mom. Thank you in advance.

  37. shawniee October 15th

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    I am single parent who’s in badly in need of extreme dental care. I can’t eat anything I’m always in great pain I don’t have the money to pay for it. I just lost my job I quite nursing because if the pain I was having I felt sad and ashame to talk anyone. My mouth is a total mess all teeth is left is rotten, broken swollen gums and dry mouth smelling breadth. Please please please someone contact me

  38. David Pike March 9th

    Comment Arrow

    Hello there i am a 44yr old male who is in need of severe dental work which has caused me pain in my chest and my back and sinuses due to many abcessed teeth not knowing how many and only living from pay check to pay check is hard not having the out of pocket exspence or dental insurance has been hard for me to work and live with the pain even knowing i am on antbiotics

  39. Irish March 29th

    Comment Arrow

    Recently I had all my teeth extracted top and bottom and the dental
    insurer we used informed us we used up all the dental insurance and that
    the dentures would have to be out of pocket which we cannot afford and
    this has left me overwhelmed,my diet is restricted since I no longer can
    chew real food and have lost weight due to not being able to eat much
    so I was informed that maybe ye would know of dental charities that
    might be able to help me,I recently lost my job due to too much dental
    pain,I will not leave my home except for the necessities such as
    groceries and vet care for my pets,please if ye can guide me or even
    help me with dentures I would be humbled and grateful,I am located in Watertown,NY

    Respectfully,Irish Cornaire

  40. Jeffrey Roberts May 1st

    Comment Arrow

    Hi my name is Jeffrey Roberts im a 31 year old father of three boys and a husband to a wonderful wife and I want so badly to be able to smile in photos without embarrassing them over half the teeth in my mouth are broken or have holes in them or just not there its very embarrassing I work 12 hours a night 5 nights a week in a factory and my kids are covered with insurance I on the other hand have none and can’t afford to have anything done please help me

  41. Desiree Gonzales-Solis May 6th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi my name is Desiree. I am in so much need of dental work . I had medical but they didn’t want to cover everything I need and now I don’t have any insurance at all. My teeth are all messed up I hate my smile. I feel so bad that I don’t even take pictures or smile with my three kids. All my teeth are cracking and my gums are starting to hurt. I’m a stay at home mom dealing with a lot and my husband barley makes enough to get us through. We are really struggling and I really need to get my teeth fix quick so I can help out and not worry about this pain I get due to my teeth. I regret not taking care of myself but I promise if I ever get them fixed I’m going to take better care of myself. I just want to be able to smile once again and have happy moments with my kids. Please help me!

  42. Cami May 17th

    Comment Arrow

    I am permanently disabled with no dental insurance and nine front teeth left in my mouth no back or side teeth, badly blistered gums and is in dire need of dental implants if I could get get assistance with some type of funding or grant, can anyone help, because medicare does not cover any dental care for me and I am not able to get medicaid.

  43. Crislyn darby June 2nd

    Comment Arrow

    Can someone please help my mom. She has a disease called POTS (posterial orthostaic tycardio syndrome). She faints a lot. She has broke or cracked most her teeth. She’s single with me and my baby brothers and can’t afford to fix them. She doesn’t like going out places caus ppl stare at them. She is kind and gives all to her children. I just want to see my mom smile big showing her teeth again.

  44. Elisheba M June 3rd

    Comment Arrow

    I’ve recently gotten dental work done and it’s been complete hell ever since. I highly regret not getting a second opinion. And because of a car accident a few years back leaving me disabled, I cannot afford quality health insurance in the state of New York. The government assisted insurance doesn’t allow many options pertaining to dental procedures therefore not leaving me with many choices. I had been suffering from gums disease which was the reason why it was suggested that I have this dental procedure. The purpose was to replace my teeth with false teeth but I didn’t fully grasp the fact that it would be dentures replacing my actual teeth. I was fitted for molds but the manufacturer created the dentures in the wrong size, they don’t fit well. Also the quality of the denture is not of great quality and does not mimic my old teeth. I’ve contacted both the dentist and manufacturer but they refusing to fix the problem. I can barely do anything at this point. It is hard for me to eat or even have a simple conversation with them in. I am embarrassed to go out of the house, I haven’t been able to take my dog for a walk or go to the market to pick up groceries. I am depressed and I don’t have the help that I need to rectify this situation.
    Overall I feel mislead and taken advantage of. I am not sure what to do at this point. I just want to feel like a real person again, I want to be able to exude the confidence I once had which was before this procedure. I can provide photo’s when requested. Dental professionals are welcome to reach out with suggestions as well. Thank you so much.

  45. rita June 21st

    Comment Arrow

    I am 37 years old when I was 15 I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 31 years old I was diagnosed with all still myelitis which is a disease on my spine which called me to throw up a couple times a day which caused me to go to a nursing home I was bedridden for a year I was put on a feeding tube which I was still throwing up with his diabetes in the section on my spine it corroded my teeth I have only 8 front teeth and they are all corroded its been 2 years since I’ve started walking again and getting my strength back I no longer throw up and I am out of the nursing home I am very embarrassed of my teeth I have no health insurance I would like to know if I can get help thank you

  46. Shakeria Vance July 1st

    Comment Arrow

    Hi I am a 30 year old single young mother of 1 who has a very complex medical dental condition, I still have 3 of my primary teeth, I believe F, G and H my permanent teeth are still in the gum bone which 1 of them has erupted. Dentist have said I have lil forms of tiny teeth that has also formed, I have little to no money because I work part time, i hate to open up my mouth half of the time because people laugh and stare and it’s hurtful. If there is anyone that can help me out in the Miami Florida area please have them to contact me, I am desperate for a beautiful and appealing smile that I have prayed and dreamed about for many years.

  47. David Elmore July 10th

    Comment Arrow

    I am 63 yrs old, permanently disabled, emphysema, seizures. i had a motorcycle accident while younger. I have had dentures 22 yrs now and all of a sudden there is no adhesive that can hold them in at stores or online. they just flop around in my mouth, I have not had a full meal to eat in three months. I cannot afford what dentist want. It seems it was just not meant to be to live last days, yrs. or whatever as normal as it should be. Please help! if there is any information I can get concerning my mouth i need it now. thank you so much.

  48. Comment Arrow

    When I was 2 years old I was traumatized as a hospital patient So much so that I began sucking my thumb, I have been doing it for over 28 years. I suffer from Bi-Polar Depression and a Anxiety Disorders…
    I currently have all wisdom teeth out and putting pressure on my other molars, 1 molar had work done a while back and the filling has broken and has exposed its Nerve/Pulp (Excruciatingly painful !). I brush my teeth as often as I can but Dentist told me Genetics has had a big role in this as well.
    Sucking my thumb has lead to mouth deformation, tooth decay, throat infections, stomach ulcers, acid re-flux and daily headaches. I can’t remember a time I didn’t chew without pain and discomfort. I rarely drink and I don’t smoke or do drugs.This has affected my self confidence severely. I have never said anything about this to anyone. I have had depression since I was 11 and I have been disabled for over 8 years.
    I really need help and I feel fixing my mouth will give me the confidence I need to keep fighting back at life. I have 4 magnificent children who are my heart and soul and a beautiful wife who helps as much as can.
    I know that this will lead to major health issues if I do not address the issue as soon as possible. I currently have 4 missing molars, 1 central incisor cap (my brother pushed me into a pole and broke my tooth as a kid) A broken Molar from a car accident and one molar that has an exposed nerve/pulp which has me on my knees in pain and the main reason I am here.
    I receive a disability check that goes straight to bills and don’t have any dental coverage. I have not been able to hold a job for long enough to afford dental surgery. My Depression has made it extremely difficult for me to seek the help I need. I pray that I can find support here for my medical concerns. I will use every red cent donated for this purpose.
    I am trying a “GoFundMe” compain but have zero support Please I appreciate any help and I thank you all for your time

  49. Sharon Boutte' August 23rd

    Comment Arrow

    I’m Hoping that someone reads this that can help me. I’m a 44 year old woman That has major dental problems I have spent over 16,000 dollars over my mouth over the years I’m in a position where I am disabled No coverage Right now. And I am in a depression to where I don’t want to be around anyone I’m embarrassing my family So I’m very desperate very depressed.I’m here near Longview Texas I have been trying to get help for the last two and a half years Since I moved here. So if anyone in this area Can help Please get in contact with me thank you.

  50. Gary brinton September 13th

    Comment Arrow

    Desperate in Arizona I am looking for a dentist or an organization that could please help me with my dental problems I have all my teeth teeth are rotted and abscessed to the point I have been hospitalized three different times in this past year and a half infection gets so bad they have to put me up to IVs to get rid of the infection I’m afraid some do that I may not make it out of the hospital so if there’s an organizational Dennis out there that could please possibly help me regain my self-esteem my confidence and my smile back I would be so thankful desperate in Arizona

  51. jennifer glover September 16th

    Comment Arrow

    I live on 800 monthly yes im poor nd can’t afford denturs can somebody please help me its hard to to eat nd dont like goin out my husband gets upset bc i don’t leave the house please help me

  52. adolfo robledo November 4th

    Comment Arrow

    we need implants and repairs on are teeth

  53. Rusty Michelle Vargas November 5th

    Comment Arrow

    Please, I need dental help. I had a surgery done about 9 years ago. It left me having a severe case of Guillain Barre Syndrome. For quite awhile, I wasn’t able to move anything below my neck. While I was in the hospital, I was dropped on the floor by a worker while they were transferring me to the bed or my wheelchair. Because of that, quite a few of my teeth were broken out and my knee was busted open. It was so terrifying and humiliating. My husband is also disabled. He has colon cancer. I desperately need help to get dental implants. Yes, I would prefer the implants instead of dentures. They look real, but I also have other reasons. My hands don’t work very well. If I have dentures, I’ll have to have someone put them in, take them out and clean them for me. That’ll be at home and when I go into the hospital. It’s so humiliating. Please, help me. Please. I’d forever appreciate it.

  54. Barbara Mayron December 4th

    Comment Arrow

    I am a retired 70 year old lady who is in despair ate need of extensive dental restoration and treatment. I have missing teeth and want to save the teeth that I do have. Most importantly I need to protect my health. I am unable to chew properly and keep biting my lip trying to maneuver my food. Please help me to maintain my health and bring back my infectious smile. Right now I am embarrassed to even open up my mouth. Thank you for any assistance you might extend.

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