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5 Best Dental Comedy Videos of All Time

Who says dental care can’t be funny? Not me. I dug up 5 of the best dental comedy videos of all time to prove that dentistry has a lighter side. Don’t believe me? Check out these hilarious videos.

#5. McDonalds Dental Ad

I can safely say that next to the Michael Jordan VS Larry Bird “Nothin’ But Net” commercials of the 90’s, this is my favorite McDonald’s commercial of all time.

#4. David After Dentist

This video is one of the most controversial videos of the year posted to Youtube. Appartently, some folks equate this video to child abuse(Read the Today Show’s Analysis of the video). I disagree. In my mind the video is simply chronicalling a funny event in David’s life that the family can look back on and have a good laugh with in the future. I do, however, admit that uploading the video to Youtube while apparently unaware of the viral nature of the site is downright naive and stupid. Nevertheless, lighten up and laugh.

#3. Bill Cosby at the Dentist

In this video, Bill Cosby entertains the crowd with his depiction of a visit to the dentist. Excuse me while I go look for some Cosby Show reruns on TV.

#2. MadTV’s Lorraine Goes to the Dentist

While this is the racier of the videos on the list, it’s just too funny to pass up. If you think you’ve seen nightmare dental patients, check out this video.

#1. Tim Conway – The Dentist on the Carol Burnett Show

I’m sure most of you have seen this epic comedy sketch from the Carol Burnett Show. The dynamic duo, Tim Conway and Harvey Corman provide non-stop laughs in what has the be the #1 dental comedy video of all time.

Your Favorites?

Which video did you like the best from this list? Do you have a favorite not on this list? Please share.

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    Bill Cosby is the man! Very funny ha ha. Great videos btw , thank you for sharing. In the first video on McDonalds, how does that kid get all that money.
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  2. Dentist Thornhill December 3rd

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    These are some of the best comedic dental videos every compiled. Thanks for sharing this fantastic list.

  3. Emergency Dental January 5th

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    Thanks for sharing this hilarious collection of dental videos. I laughed my head off.

  4. sofia March 8th

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    dang this were funny

  5. geneva August 1st

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    loved the video’s

  6. Gary September 7th

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    What a crack-up!
    There is another really funny one from the Simpsons if you can find it!

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