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The 12-Step Plan to Boost Your Dental Practice’s Efficiency

Each day is a fast, frenetic ride on the practice racetrack. As hygienists we say “Treadmill”. Daily stresses morph into emergencies. You and the team dash from one procedure, patient, or task to the next and each are more critical than the last. At the end of the day you promise yourself you’re going to make changes and try to get things under control…

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Best Practices for Generating Referrals from Millennium Dental

The following is a guest post by Millennium Dental. If you are interested in guest posting for Dental Heroes, please sign up here.

For medical and dental professionals, new patients are the lifeblood that keeps their practice running smoothly. Returning patients are, of course, a tremendous asset as well, but without a steady flow of new patients, most practices can’t afford to stay afloat – especially in today’s

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Dentists: Do you care too much?

If you have a voracious appetite for new patients, you don’t enjoy the repeat visits, and patient referrals you think you deserve, it may be because you care too much…

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Where Have All the Patients Gone?

As a dental consultant/coach, I have the opportunity to talk with dental practice owners every day. I also review and analyze dental practices on a weekly basis using my extensive dental knowledge to educate practitioners on how they can improve their practice bottom line…

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5 Steps to the Hollywood A-List Smile Contest Winner Announced

Thanks to everyone who participated in our recent ‘5 Steps to the Hollywood A-List Smile’ contest. Thanks also to Dr. Catrise Austin for providing us with a free copy of her new book to give away to one lucky Dental Heroes reader…

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Joslin Professional Education Continuum Dental Care Center Launches

The link between diabetes and oral health is clearer than ever. In fact, it is generally accepted that diabetes sufferers are prone to tooth decay, periodontal disease, xerostomia and salivary gland dysfunction and infection. However, more research exposing this link is required, and dental professionals need to learn how to properly educate their diabetic patients about their unique oral care needs…