Dentists: Raw & Uncut

Unfortunately, for those of you hoping to see something akin to “Girls Gone Wild” only with dentists instead of girls, then I’m sorry. You won’t find that here. But, if you find it elsewhere let me know. Only kidding. In fact, the reason I chose that title is because I found it rather fitting for […]

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How to Find Free or Low Cost Dental Care

Let’s face it, the economy stinks right now. Unemployment levels are the highest we’ve seen in years, people are losing their homes, and many people are forced to forgo important medical or dental procedures. In fact, nearly 100 million Americans are living without some form of dental insurance. For those 100 million Americans these tough […]

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Book Review: What You Should Know About Gum Disease by David Snape

If you’re a dedicated Dental Heroes reader you’ve probably noticed that I’ve yet to post a book review. Well, today’s a first in that regard. I recently had the pleasure of reading a great book by David Snape entitled, “What You Should Know About Gum Disease”. The book is actually quite different from most dental […]