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This week, I’m featuring, the home of the American Dental Association. is among the top dental-related websites on the internet both in terms of popularity and in terms of credibility. Therefore, I consider it the perfect candidate for this honor.

Watch the Bohemian Rhapsody Dental Parody Video

Every Monday, I’ll be posting a dental-related video to get the week started on the right foot. My goal is not to make us thing too hard by reading a long article. Hey, it’s Monday! Anyway, the video topics will range from dental procedures to dental care tips, and even some funny clips to lighten the mood a little.

Avril Lavigne to Get Vampire Teeth Removed

Each Sunday I will be writing about a wacky or wierd dental-related news story I’ve come across on the internet. If you’ll remember, back when I started Dental Heroes I promised to include some content that lightens up the dental care discussion a little bit, and I think Sunday posts will do just that.

Avril Lavigne to get vampire teeth removed

You may think that

Soft Shine Professional Cosmetic Polishing Paste Sample

My dentist and dental hygienist readers are going to start to love Fridays even more because Friday is “Professional Product Sample Day” at Dental Heroes. Each Friday, I will scour the internet looking for quality professional dental products available only to dental professionals.

Free Dental Care Clinics Struggle to Meet Demand

Further transitioning into the new format explained in Tuesday’s post, I’ve decided to dedicate Wednesday to writing about financial and insurance issues affecting both dental professionals and consumers. In the economy that we’re all operating in today, I expect to have some interesting information to share with you in this area.

Site of the Week: Dental Watch

If you’ve been following the Dental Heroes blog for a while now, you’ve probably noticed my freestyle approach to topic selection. Up to this point, I’ve been writing about anything related to dental care that’s on my mind at the time – with little direction. To be honest, I hate that I haven’t been more organized with my article-writing.

How to Connect with Dental Heroes

Over the past several months the Dental Heroes blog has enjoyed significant growth and popularity within the dental community. It was not too long ago that Dental Heroes was a small side project of mine – slowly dying due to neglect. However, a burst of inspiration revived Dental Heroes, and turned what was a passing thought into a vision for the future.

How to Care for Knocked-Out Teeth

With the Little League baseball season in full-swing, I thought it would be prudent to provide you with some tips for handling knocked out teeth – God forbid this should happen to your child. But, really these tips apply to anyone with freshly knocked-out teeth.