Free Powered Toothbrush from Colgate

Colgate is currently offering a free battery-powered, kids-themed toothbrush as a promotion for their “Save the World from Cavities” initiative. This is a joint Colgate-Palmolive and American Dental Association initiative designed to “empower children to take control of their dental health”. To receive a brush of your own, complete the steps below. Steps Required to […]

Study Ranks U.S. Cities with Best and Worst Teeth

Just how clean are peoples’ teeth in your city? A recent Men’s Health study sought to find out exactly that. In fact, Men’s Health ranked 100 major U.S. cities on numerous oral hygiene-related factors to determine which city could claim the nation’s cleanest teeth. To explain the factors involved in ranking each city, Men’s Health […]

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Free Sample of Arm & Hammer Advance White Toothpaste

*Update* I found out recently that the link I was using to this offer was not working properly. After correcting it(or so I thought), I noticed that Arm and Hammer is re-directing the link to the wrong page. Guess we were sending them too many people. The good news is, you can still get your […]