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10 Great Posts I Read this Week

I don’t know about you, but some days I feel like there’s just not enough time to read through all of the e-mails, tweets, rss feeds that we receive. On the off chance that I do have time, I undoubtedly spend a great deal of it wading through less than worthy information.

Since I’m sure you don’t like your time being wasted either, I’ve decided to add a new weekly feature to Dental Heroes.

Each week I’m going to feature a list of the top 10 dental-related blog posts or articles I’ve read for that week.

Here’s the top 10 for this week:

1) At Home Tooth Whiteners Differ in Effectiveness (Consumer Reports)

2) As rating sites grow, doctors voice concerns (

3) New treatment for receding gums (

4) Nanotechnology may increase longevity of fillings (

5) Russian dentist has unusual artistic talent (

6) Orange juice worse for teeth than whitening agents (

7) What should dental health care look like in a reformed health system? (

8 ) Cities with the cleanest and dirtiest teeth (

9) Change your breath from bad to good (

10) Dental students play video games to learn implant procedures (

…and there you have it. There’s my top ten blog post/article list for the week. Look for a brand new list next week!

Am I Missing Anything?

Have you read a particularly interesting dental-related blog post or website article lately? Please share.

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  1. Varun July 6th

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    Nice post, got some good info.
    hope to see some more of these kind.
    .-= Varun´s last blog ..Oral Hygiene Tips for children from ADA =-.

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    Some interesting and useful dental links. Thanks for the share!

  3. Janice July 19th

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    Cory, I really enjoyed reading your blog and even viewing your videos! You have quite a collection of relevant and interesting information especially for someone who is not a dentist. I too have a fascination with dentistry. I don’t want to be one, but just how our oral hygiene affects our overall health has made me more interested in dental care. I find that I am more interested because there are so many people without dental insurance and the lack of resources to assist them. Taking care of their teeth seems a matter of life or death if left undone.

    Anyway great site. I am a subscriber and can’t wait to see what else you come up with for topics. Keep up the good work! I will definitely mention you site on my blog when I update it!

  4. Cory Kemp July 20th

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    Janice, thank you for your kind words and continued support. I really appreciate it. I had a chance to look your blog over and I’m impressed by your hard work as well. It’s nice to see that others understand the important role that dental care plays in our overall well-being. 🙂

  5. Cosmetic Dentistry August 20th

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    Janice stole all the thunder….:(
    It’s great to see people with such a great passion for dentistry! It really is fundamental to our overall health and goes far beyond the dentist’s chair.

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