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10 Best Free Places to List Your Dental Practice Website Online

It’s no secret that the internet represents a great opportunity for dentists to capture new patients. As internet usage continues to increase, this opportunity will become even more lucrative. However, most dentists are unaware of how to properly position their website to capture these new patients.

Don’t Employ the “Wait & See” Approach

Most dentists take the “wait-and-see” approach. That is, they develop a website, publish it to the web, and wait…and wait…and wait for new patients to line up outside their doors. Sadly, new patients never come. Why? Because your website is nowhere to be found in the search engine results pages (SERPS).

Thankfully, there are many techniques that you can employ to increase your position in the SERPS, and be found by patients seeking a new dentist.

Local Business Directories Are Effective

One highly effective technique for generating traffic, and the focus of this post, is submitting your dental practice website to local business directories. Submitting your site to local business directories requires very little time, but has significant upside potential.

Why? Because many of the local business directories that I’ve listed below appear on the first page of the SERPS for local searches.

Here’s Proof

To see what I mean, give this a try: go to Once there, search using the following query: “saint louis dentists”(minus quotes). You’ll notice on the first page of the SERPS that several business directories came up, such as: Google local business, Superpages and Citysearch. You can see how a listing in any of these directories would improve your visibility with potential new patients.

I compiled a list below of my 10 favorite FREE local business directories that you should submit your site to in order to increase your online visibility and capture new patients. Without further ado, here’s the list…

Top 3

1. Google Local Business Center

Listing your website in the Google Local Business Center is a must. Your local business listing can include: your business address, website url, maps, location photos, business description, directions, business categories, etc. Your local search listing appears before regular(organic) search listings in the SERPS.

2. Yahoo Local

Submitting your site to Yahoo Local is also very important. Your listing options with Yahoo Local are similar to those in the Google Local Business Center. You shouldn’t expect as much traffic from Yahoo Local as with the Google Local Business Center, but it can be substantial nonetheless.

3. Bing Local Listing Center

Rounding out my top 3 recommendations is the Bing Local Listing Center. Although the Bing Local Listing Center is still in its infancy, people are already receiving significant traffic from it.

Also Recommended




7. Yelp

8. Localeze



Stay tuned for future posts highlighting additional powerful tips for positioning your website in the search engines to capture new patients.

Add to the List

Have you found a great free business directory that’s not in my list? Please leave it in a comment below for everyone’s benefit

Reader Comments

  1. Craig Rentmeester November 6th

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    Hi Cory,

    I have a list of 18 free, general directories for local businesses on my blog.

    I would recommend doing a simple search of “dentist directory”, “dentist submit” “dentist listings” to find industry-specific directories, too.


  2. Cory Kemp November 6th

    Comment Arrow

    @craig, thanks for adding a few good local directories to the list. In my experience, niche-specific dental directories are often low quality, and buried in the search results. That being said, there are probably a few out there that can give your site a boost. Do you know of any by chance?

  3. Craig Rentmeester November 6th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Cory,

    I agree with you mostly. The thing I like about niche directories is that they provide more context. Also, they usually have more specific categories and opportunities for one-way links with customized anchor text.

    I don’t work in dental marketing, but a couple directories I found through quick searches are below. – Site has a PageRank of 3 – Site has a PageRank of 3

    Then, there’s obviously the ADA, as well. To that end, there are probably local association directories related to the dental/medical field that may be worthwhile options as well, depending on where the business is located.


  4. Cory Kemp November 7th

    Comment Arrow

    @craig Thanks for the follow-up. I agree that niche directories provide more context. As you know, this is beneficial from an SEO standpoint. It certainly doesn’t hurt to submit your site to such directories, and in some cases can be quite helpful.

    As long as we look at niche directory listings as a supplement to listings in Google Local Business Center, Yahoo Local, Bing Local Listing Center, et al., then I think we’re on the right track. I say this because patients seeking a new dentist are not as likely to use niche directories to find a dentist as they are to search for a dentist using a local search query on Google for instance.

    Again, from an SEO standpoint, however, I absolutely agree with you. Thanks very much for your insightful comments, and I appreciate the heads up with the commenting issues you’ve experienced. I’ll look into it. Thanks!

  5. Craig Rentmeester November 6th

    Comment Arrow

    Also, I find it difficult to comment on this blog. Every time I write something and click to edit it, it disappears. I’m not sure what the issue is. I’m rocking a PC, with XP and Firefox 3.0.15.

    I just thought I’d give you a heads up, because it may affecting visitor engagement. Other than that, I love the look, and the content is good from what I’ve seen so far.

  6. Julie December 11th

    Comment Arrow

    Two more that I don’t think have been listed are Switchboard and CitySearch. I don’t believe AmericaSmiles which is listed above is actually free. We were required to use a certain lab and/or pay for a listing. It appears to be free until you get a little further into the registration process.

  7. Cory Kemp December 12th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Julie, Thanks for your comment. is definitely a good free resource. Here’s the link to the free submission page: Also, I believe I omitted CitySearch because it doesn’t appear as though they’re offering a free option at this time. If they have re-instated it, please let me know.

    Finally, I think you may have seen AmericaSmiles on a different post of mine. You’re right, they are not free.

  8. GIL June 19th

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    Good article. It seems a new directory search pops up all the time. Very hard to keep up with them. Obviously, Google, Yahoo, & Bing are the main ones to keep up to date. Citysearch (owns insiderpages, I think) and Kuduz are two more to “claim”. When you claim your sites, it is a good idea to post your photos and also post a video or two if you have them. Google is the hardest one, because they collate a lot of different sites and if they are not done exactly the same they will split them into different listings–not good. then it takes forever to get them recombined at Google. I am going thru that at the present time.

  9. New York Dentist January 6th

    Comment Arrow

    Thanks Cory for sharing this information as I myself is a dentist by profession and I have my own dental website. Now I can use your ideas for getting good business exposure.

  10. Parisa Safaei January 12th

    Comment Arrow

    Nice summary, pretty much in the right order. May I suggest a couple more?

    Angie’s List

  11. Comment Arrow

    I am bookmarking this page! As a newcomer to SEO, I realize that listing business profiles are important and the above list of free directories and added comment suggestions give me a handy checklist. Thanks for sharing and also for linking to other relevant articles, I will be sure to check those out next.

  12. Newton Invisalign February 11th

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    I would suggest Best Of The Web ( as a reputable directory that is not industry specific. It might be difficult to earn a listing there, but worth a try.

  13. Daniel March 21st

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    Very nice tips not only for dentists…thanks! I knews about google, yahoo, bing but the other sites were new to me!

  14. cybercfousa September 16th

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    Need to start off by analyzing your website as well as a few of your top competitors. This will tell us exactly what patients are typing in to find dental services.
    It will also show us where you and your competitors are ranking for these searches. We will determine how much work you will need monthly to compete for top results.

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